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The International Science Olympiad of School Connect Online is a global competitive exam. This examination is open to students from all over the world. It provides a platform for young talent to test their abilities and improve themselves. These are competitive exams that are based on the school’s regular study program. Students’ learning skills improve as they gain self-confidence while studying for this exam. Students learn their own strengths and weaknesses, which helps them concentrate and fill in the gaps.

These exams are extremely beneficial to students. The foundation formed as a result of competing in these exams cannot be compared to any other exams. Students can easily participate in the annual exam by completing the online registration form. After completing the registration process, students will receive exam alerts and notifications. Because these exams are administered online, students can take them from the comfort of their own homes. The questions in these exams are in MCQ format and must be answered within the time constraints.

Science Olympiad Questions Class 1

Air and Water Notes

Air and water are essential natural resources for our survival. We cannot survive without either air or water.


Air can be found all around us. Although we cannot see the air with our eyes, we can sense its presence.

Air Applications

  • We use air to fly kites and fill vehicle tires.
  • To burn, fire requires air.
  • Wet clothes require air to dry.
  • Windmills require air to function.
  • It aids in the movement of sailboats.


Water is a valuable natural resource that is required for all living things to survive. Humans require water to survive and grow. Water is also required for the survival of plants and animals.

Water sources

Rain is a critical source of water. Rainwater fills the seas, oceans, and lakes, and we use it for a variety of purposes. This water is home to a variety of living things.

The remaining water seeps into the ground. This water is referred to as groundwater. We can extract groundwater using various methods such as wells, hand pumps, and so on.

Water Applications

  • We need water to drink and cook with.
  • We require water to bathe.
  • We require water to wash our clothes.
  • We require water to clean our utensils.

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