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Science Olympiads can be very beneficial in many ways and have a lot to offer; it has been observed that students are very interested in these tests because they benefit them in many ways. Science Olympiads help students understand topics and related ideas better. Olympiad tests have recently been made mandatory in all schools. Students are exposed to national competitions from an early age. Science Olympiad exams emphasize concept-based learning and logical thinking, and they allow students to compete while also helping them better understand their own abilities in any subject. This article contains comprehensive notes on Science Chapter 3 For Class 3: Rocks, air, and water.

air and water are natural resources provided by the environment. Rocks, on the other hand, are regarded as the building blocks of an active planet. In other words, a rock is a complex matter that contributes to the formation of a mountain.

For Class 3 students, we’ll talk about Air, Water, and Rocks.

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Science Chapter 3 For Class 3: Rocks, air, and water Notes


  • We are surrounded by air, and we require it to survive. We can feel the air even though we cannot see it.
  • We call it a wind if the air is moving.
  • A breeze is defined as the air that moves gently.
  • Storms are formed when the air moves rapidly.
  • Air can be used in a variety of ways, including drying clothes, filling balloons, flying a kite, and filling tubes.


Water is another essential resource for humans, animals, and other living things. We require water to survive and grow. Rain is the primary source of water. It fills ponds, rivers, oceans, and seas, among other places. Underground water is water that seeps into the ground.

The underground water is easily accessible via tube wells and hand pumps. It does not, however, have a fixed shape. In addition, water covers 71% of the earth’s surface.


A rock is a solid substance with no chemical composition. It is instead composed of two or more minerals. Rocks include Granite, Marble, Ignite, Limestone, and others.

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