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Humans are the only living organisms on the planet. They rely on other things for survival. Food, water, and shelter are the three most basic needs of a human being.


Humans get their energy from the food they eat. It assists us in becoming stronger and healthier.


Humans require shelter to protect themselves from the elements such as cold, heat, and rain. They use houses as a form of defence.

Pucca houses

These are sturdy structures made of cement, bricks, wood, and iron.

Kaccha houses

Kaccha houses are made of straw, mud, bamboo, and other materials.

Temporary houses

Temporary houses are non-permanent structures built for a specific purpose.


Houseboats are houses that float on the water.


Caravans are houses that can be moved from one location to another.


Igloos are ice houses that are used by humans who live in cold climates.


Tents are temporary structures. They are used by people who move from one location to another.


Another requirement of every human being is clothing. Humans used to cover their bodies with leaves and animal skins in the past.


Improved Concept Understanding –

It is critical to learn, but it is even more important to understand the concept. A student cannot achieve the desired goal unless he or she understands the concept or content being studied. It is critical for a student to have a better understanding in order to learn more effectively.

Analytical and problem-solving abilities are improved – 

The Indian Talent Olympiad aimed to improve students’ abilities such as observing, identifying, comparing, and differentiating between things. Students gain a new skill called “Problem Solving.”

 A student’s problems-

solving ability is critical in all aspects of his or her life, whether academic or professional. Science Olympiads develop this skill by requiring students to think analytically in order to reach a conclusion. A student’s problem-solving ability lasts a long time in his or her life.

Improved Academic Performance – 

A student’s academic performance is improved. Science Olympiads help to sharpen a child’s thinking ability, which leads to the child performing well in his or her academics as well.

Belief in Your Ability to Compete in the Future –

Who doesn’t want to be successful in his or her life? To achieve one’s desired success goals, one must be self-assured. The child is exposed to a competitive environment at a young age, which familiarizes him or her with competition and removes the fear of failure.

Provides a large platform for showcasing talent –

A large platform is provided for students to showcase their talents and intelligence in front of a large number of students and other audiences. Receiving special recognitions keeps children motivated and reinforces the sense of encouragement that allows them to move forward and seize more opportunities.

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