English is the most important subjects for any class. Not even for academics, learning and excelling English is very important for every student. s aims to ensure that students have their best command on English. The purpose of English Olympiad is to make students better at english. School Connect Olympiads are solely organised to improve student’s basics and concepts. So is English Olympiad. The English Olympiad prioritises to improve student’s grammar, spelling, vocabulary and sentence structure. 

Benefits of IEO International English Olympiad

  • Giving the exam at international or national levels boosts up their confidence
  • Olympiads provide the right exposure towards the competition ahead. 
  • Teach the students time management. 
  • Today, with the provision of Online learning and online Olympiads, students can learn at their own pace. 
  • These exams encourage self-learning that goes a long way in students’ life. It stimulates them to examine their progress on a timely basis. 
  • Olympiads benefit students to be equipped for future competitions. It develops a good working knowledge on the type of questions asked. Higher education system expects students to appear for various national level entrance tests and crack these with good percentiles. 

How to register?

To register yourself in international maths olympiad (IMO) click here : https://www.schoolconnectonline.com/OlympiadRegistration.aspx

Olympiad Registration

  • Class: You need to be a student in Classes 1 to 12 to be eligible for this exam.
  • Boards: You must be a student of SSC, ICSE or CBSE boards.
  • Qualifying for second level examination:

The top 5% of students (class-wise) also benchmark percentile score who appear for the first level exam.

Class toppers from each participating school; where at least 10 students participate and score a minimum of 50%.

  • Year of attempt: As long as you’re a student enrolled in any of Classes 1 to 12, you can apply for  International Olympiad 
  • Number of attempts: You can only attempt one time in a year for any olympiad with 2 qualifying stages.
  • Year of attempt: As long as you’re a student enrolled in any of Classes 1 to 12, you can apply for International Olympiad once in every academic year.

How to prepare?

  1.  For english olympiad, the first thing students need to do is learn basics. Of course that goes for every other subject too. But for english, basic means grammar. 
  2.  The students should have good command over grammatical rules and revise them thoroughly
  3. Practice everyday. 
  4. Learn 5-10 new words and their synonyms everyday.
  5. Do sample papers
  6. Do workbooks and practice sheets of different topics to stay at your A game. 

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