NTSE Preparation 2020-21 | Check Effective Tips And Strategies To Become An NTSE Scholar

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With a complete understanding of ‘How to Prepare for NTSE 2020‘, you can be better prepared to take the entrance examination. Candidates must handle NTSE preparation in a planned manner. Before beginning the preparation, it is important to understand the Exam Pattern of NTSE so that one can make an effective preparation plan.

NTSE is a national-level examination conducted by NCERT to search for talented students. The exam is conducted in two stages. Candidates who qualify in both the stages are awarded scholarships to support their further education. The examination is held in every Union Territory and State of the country. The first stage of the exam is conducted by the respective state and the second stage by NCERT itself. This examination scheme has been in action since 1963.How to Prepare for NTSE Exam

About 8-9 lakh students apply for NTSE every year out of which only 2000 students are given a scholarship. In this cut-throat competition, it would be beneficial to plan the number of hours a candidate requires for section-wise preparation of NTSE 2020. Solving previous years’ question papers of NTSE also helps a lot in preparing for NTSE 2020.

Paper-Wise NTSE Preparation Tips 2020

NTSE comprises two stages: Stage 1 and Stage 2. Each stage of the exam consists of two papers.Paper 1 is the Mental Ability Test (MAT) and Paper 2 is the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). Both papers have different syllabus and patterns. Hence, it is important to understand the pattern of the exam properly and then start the preparation. Candidates can go through the preparation tips listed below to get some help.How to Prepare for NTSE Exam

NTSE Preparation Tips for MAT 2020

  • Mental Ability Test comprises 100 questions each carrying 1 mark. The time duration of the paper is 120 minutes, which means each question can be easily solved in 1.2 minutes.
  • This paper contains Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning based questions.
  • It tests an examinee’s ability to think, visualise and discriminate.
  • Practising sample papers is the best way to prepare for this section.
  • Take help from mentors.
  • If candidates face any problem in understanding the logic behind any problem, then clearing doubts by consulting teachers is a good idea.
  • Do exercises to improve your visualisation power.

Section-Wise NTSE Preparation Tips for SAT 2020

Scholastic Aptitude Test is divided into three sections. The sections are Science, Mathematics and Social Science. All the sections consist of 100 questions, and each question carries 1 mark. The time duration of this paper is 120 minutes.How to Prepare for NTSE Exam


  • This section comprises 40 questions each carrying 1 mark. Ideally, this section should be completed in 48 minutes, which means each question should be given 1.2 minutes.
  • The syllabus for NTSE 2020 Science section contains topics from course books so it would be advisable to pay attention in classes while you are being taught the same.
  • Revise the topics after classes.
  • Make brief notes of things that one might easily forget.
  • Keep revising chemical equations and chemical formulae every day.
  • Make sure that you remember the formulae of Physics and Chemistry by heart.
  • In case of any doubt in solutions, take help from mentors.
  • Don’t hesitate in asking someone for help.

Social Science

  • This section of the SAT contains 40 questions. Every question of the section carries 1 mark. Each question should be given 1.2 minutes to solve, which gives 48 minutes to the whole section.
  • Prepare a chronical of all the historical events covered in the syllabus in a chart paper and paste it in your bedroom wall so that you can revise the dates anytime.
  • Try to have a clear and deep understanding of Indian Politics. Tricky questions could be asked in the exam and if candidates’ concepts are clear then it won’t be that big of a problem to them.
  • Prepare Geography topics with the help of maps and mug them up properly.
  • Make short notes of every topic you study for easy revision.
  • Keep revising regularly so that you don’t forget what you have already studied.


  • This section comprises 20 questions where each question carries one mark. Each question of this section should be completed in not more than 1.2 minutes.
  • Candidates should try to finish this section in 20 minutes so that they still have 4 minutes remaining to recheck every answer.
  • Solve as many previous years’ question papers as you can.
  • Remember every important and common formula by heart.
  • Do exercises to improve your calculation speed. This would really help in time management during the exam.
  • Try different hacks to remember Trigonometry rules.
  • Keep your concepts clear about Linear and Quadratic Equations.
  • Try solving miscellaneous questions as well.

General Tips and Tricks for NTSE 2020

Know the NTSE 2020 Syllabus Well

It is the most important step before beginning the preparation for NTSE 2020. Being unaware of syllabus makes preparation more time-consuming and hectic. The syllabus of NTSE has been prescribed by the National Council of Education Research and Training. Knowing the syllabus well helps in deciding which topics should be given more time to prepare and which should be given less time.

Create a Study Plan

After knowing the syllabus, candidates should prepare a study plan for preparation. It is important to plan out the vast syllabus of NTSE 2019 to make sure that every topic is covered during preparation. ​

Understanding the NTSE 2020 Exam Pattern Well

Apart from knowing the syllabus, knowing the exam pattern of NTSE is a crucial step for preparation.The exam pattern of NTSE 2020 will help you in understanding thoroughly the structure of the exam. It gives a clear understanding of the blueprint of the exam.

Make Notes

Keep making brief notes of every topic you are covering. Notes are very helpful in quick revisions. Make sure that the notes are not very elaborative as this makes them long and harder to go through.

Take Tests Regularly

Candidates should keep practising sample papers and solve previous years’ question papers regularly.

Stay Healthy

It is important to give time to other activities of your life as well. It helps in staying healthy. Take proper sleep and healthy food. If one is healthy, only then he/she can prepare well and concentrate.

Last Minute Tips for NTSE 2020

  • Don’t forget to carry documents such as  NTSE 2020 Admit Card.
  • Assembling all the important documents a night before the exam would be helpful.
  • It is advised to see the examination centre at least a day before the exam so that candidates face no problem in finding it on the day of examination.
  • Sleep properly the night before the examination.
  • Don’t try to mug up something right before the exam as you will not only forget what you had just mugged up but it also might confuse you about something you had already studied well in advance.
  • In case of anxiety, try to calm your mind by either listening to songs or doing anything that works the best for you.
  • Don’t indulge in demotivating conversations before the exam.

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How to Prepare for NTSE Exam

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