How to Crack JEE Advanced in one year

IIT JEE or JEE Advanced as it is called now, is one of the most difficult entrance exams in India for admission to the top engineering institutes in the country – the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). Every year around 12 lakh students appear for JEE Main. Around 2 lakh aspirants are selected to appear for JEE Advanced.

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There are around 11,000 seats in 23 IITs that are filled through JEE Advanced. JEE Advanced is thus the most competitive exam in India.

Top Tips To Crack JEE Advanced

Cracking JEE Advanced demands a very well-structured study strategy. A student should be academically strong as well as have analytical skills, time management, exam-taking strategy, and situational intelligence. JEE Advanced 2020 is scheduled to be conducted on 27th September 2020. Aspirants should, thus, pull up their socks and start preparing for the exam seriously.

How To Prepare For JEE Advanced In Less Than 1 Month?

With JEE Main ongoing (1-6 September) and the registration and exam dates out for JEE Advanced (27th September 2020) roughly 23-24 days are left for the exam and it is the end days efforts that count the most. So here we bring you the best tips to crack the exam and improve your chances of getting into an IIT.

a) Try working on your weak areas and silly mistakes as these will improve your overall score.

b) Taking mock tests and solving previous year questions online will help you in analysing the above point.

c) Prepare a subject-wise formula sheet (Physics-Chemistry-Maths) that you can carry with you all the time to help you revise the formulas.

d) Prepare a daily time table and focus majorly on revision and online tests as these tests help improve your score by 40-50%.

e) Take short breaks during your study or listen to music as it enhances the concentration power.

f) Most importantly keep yourself healthy and fit as the exam is near.

Tips To Crack JEE Advanced Physics

  1. Learn Formulas Thoroughly: As you revise Physics, note down all the formulas and remember them by heart.
  2. Learn Derivation Of The Formulas: Learning the derivation of the formulas helps in memorizing and understanding them better. The derivations of formulae are important for Advanced because questions are asked on its variations. Focus on important derivations first.
  3. Concentrate On Scoring Topics: Once your basic chapters are revised, concentrate on the scoring topics like Modern Physics, Wave Optics, Alternating Current, Sound waves (specifically Doppler’s effect). Pay extra attention to Thermodynamics as it is common to Physics and Chemistry.
  4. Diligent Practice: Taking JEE Advanced previous year tests regularly is a must. Be focused and confident while taking them.

Tips To Crack JEE Advanced Chemistry

  1. Structure your preparation in a systematic manner: Start with revising the fundamental concepts from Physical and Inorganic chemistry. Dedicate a substantial portion of your time to Organic chemistry. Leave the qualitative analysis for the last 5 days as it mainly requires memorizing.
  2. Be patient and smart with Organic Chemistry: The mechanism involved in Organic chemistry might seem complex at first. Do not dive too deep for topics that are difficult as we are short on time. Making short notes is highly recommended for Organic chemistry.
  3. Practice Reactions: Practice the most important topics, equations, mechanisms, and related problems regularly.
  4. Regular Revision: Chemistry seems to be confusing to many students. Regular revision of Chemistry is a must for better retention.

Tips To Crack JEE Advanced Maths

  1. Conceptual Clarity: Revise the basic concepts of all the chapters first. Maths is full of formulas. In order to remember them by heart, understand and practice the various applications of the formulas regularly.
  2. Take Mock Tests: Taking full-length JEE Advanced mock tests helps in improving your speed and accuracy. It helps to build stamina.
  3. Solve Practice Questions: Solving JEE Advanced level practice questions after revising every chapter is a must.
  4. Solve Previous Years’ Question Papers: Practicing from JEE Advanced previous year tests is a must when you are preparing for JEE Advanced Maths.

How To Score Higher In JEE Advanced?

It is very important for JEE Advanced aspirants across the country to work on their overall development in order to score maximum. Academic knowledge accounts only for 60% of the score. The other 40% of the score depends on a student’s behavioural aspects (Do you get nervous or overconfident while taking a test causing you to make silly mistakes?) as well as his test-taking skills (Are you able to manage time effectively? Are you able to select the right questions to answer? Do you have an effective exam-taking strategy?). Therefore, students must have a smart and personalized study plan that looks after all these aspects and helps to score higher in JEE Advanced.

School Connect Online provides personalized guidance that guarantees score improvement. It adapts itself with the student’s needs and considers all the above-mentioned factors that form the score. The test identifies a student’s weaknesses – academic and skill-wise and helps him to improve by providing step-by-step instructions. It also provides personalized practice packs containing questions from important chapters and concepts you are weak at.

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How to Crack JEE Advanced in one year

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How to Crack JEE Advanced in one year

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