Attendance management for schools keeps operations seamless

New-age schools demand an attendance system that is clear and error-free. Poor attendance mechanisms resulting from the improper tracking of students lead to poor quality of education.

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Lockdown in a way was a blessing in disguise as it gave ‘undiscovered’ and effective options to the education sector which were not tried before.

“Being the low experiment sector for decades, no major achievement or reforms have been made in the sector. Right from the management to parents, everyone relied on the ‘traditional’ way of schooling without realising its redundancy. However, the recent school closures didn’t leave schools with any other option but to shift their school operations to the cloud.

And then the loud and explicit rules of NEP 2020 made clear that technology is going to be a boon in the education sector.

ERP School management system offers attendance management for schools and is one of the most reliable features of it. Where parents and teachers are already working so hard and dealing with this novel change, streamlining of attendance helped them a great deal. Attendance management for schools is of great importance when verbalised in terms of productivity of an institution.

  • The traditional attendance technique is not only complex but is time-consuming.
  • The ERP-based student management system sends real-time attendance notifications to parents and school administrators, which helps them increase the overall productivity and attendance percentage.
  • Other than that, an ERP system takes care of the administrative functions of a school and streamlines multiple errands such as fee collection, attendance, conducting assessments, keeping a database of students and teachers, etc.

Technology in the education sector is here to stay.

According to UNESCO :

“Technology can facilitate universal access to education, bridge learning divides, support the development of teachers, enhance the quality and relevance of learning, strengthen inclusion, and improve education administration and governance.”

Just like attendance management for schools, there are a lot of ground-breaking discoveries in the sector waiting to get discovered.

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Attendance management for schools keeps operations seamless
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