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Chemistry and the students have love-hate relationship. With no doubt it is a difficult subject to memorize or learn alone. with all new introduction to elements, compounds and different chemicals properties of matters around us. The School Connect Online Team helps you learn and understand the subject with eLearning modules and videos.

Class 1-12 Chemistry

As a subject chemistry is introduced in class 9 or 11, but it’s basics and introduction start from the very begin of schooling. Introducing different topics, forms of matter, solid liquid gases to matter. It help us understand the matter in our surrounding at atomic level along with their chemical properties.

How to study for Chemistry?

Learning Chemical formulas, names and other important things needs practice and dedication. Too many names, too many formulas, too many element, tables, categories and divisions can confuse students. So, what’s the right way to prepare for Chemistry?

  1. Make your own notes while studying. Keep the notes short and easily accessible for yourself
  2. Revise everything 3-4 times. Write down if necessary.
  3. keep periodic table right by your side while studying chemistry.
  4. TOO obvious, but always start with basics. Take enough time to understand the basic concepts
  5. Practice and study formulas, bonds, name, mass and number of elements and compounds.
  6. Learn from videos and practical as much as you can.
  7. Do not do rot learning, don’t just memorize the words. Understand and visualize the concepts to make them clear in your head.
  8. Learn with


Students can check out the syllabus of class 1 to class 12 for all the subjects by visiting CBSE Syllabus page.


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 CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus 2020-2021  
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NCERT Question Papers

The question papers are prepared by the CBSE and other boards in accordance with the NCERT exam guidelines. Here, we have provided the question papers for class 6 to 12. By solving them students will get an idea about the question paper pattern, types of questions asked, marks distribution and important topics. These question papers will be more helpful for the class 12 and competitive exams.

Get  Question paper for class 12

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