Science CBSE class 4

Science CBSE class 4 syllabus includes the following syllabus:


NCERT class 4 social science

Class 4

Science Topics For Class 4

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1Going to School
2Ear to Ear
3A Day with Nandu
4The Story of Amrita
5Anita and the Honeybees
6Omana’s Journey
7From the Window
8Reaching Grandmother’s House
9Changing Families
10Hu Tu Tu, Hu Tu Tu
11The Valley of Flowers
12Changing Times
13A River’s Tale
14Basva’s Farm
15From Market to Home
16A busy Month
17Nandita in Mumbai
18Too Much Water, Too Little Water
19Abdul in the Garden
20Eating Together
21Food and Fun
22The World in my Home
24Home and Abroad
25Spicy Riddles
26Defence Officer: Wahida
27Chuskit Goes to School

Benefits Of NCERT Books For Class 4

NCERT textbooks are prescribed all over the country by schools owning affiliation to CBSE. By referring to NCERT Books for the 4th standard, you will develop a strong foundation for the higher standards. 

             I.        NCERT books give you a comprehensive understanding of the subjects in an easy language.

            II.        All basic concepts are there in NCERT books.

          III.        NCERT books enlighten you with all the concepts in detail with the help of suitable examples.

          IV.        These NCERT books are recommended by most of the teachers as the best study material for the CBSE examinations.

           V.        NCERT books offer various problems and questions for you to practice.

          VI.        NCERT books are slated as per CBSE guidelines.

Benefits of CBSE

A.     In comparison with the rest of the other Indian boards, CBSE has a simple syllabus.

B.     The ratio of CBSE schools is more as compared with other boards is much more.

C.     Usually all the competitive and undergraduate exams in India are based on the norms of the CBSE prescribed course.

D.     CBSE motivates you to participate in co-curricular and other various activities.

E.      If you acquire studies from the CBSE schools you will have more polished fluency in English. However, the students who study in other state boards are quite back in the race. 

Overview of Science CBSE class 4

Board NameCentral Board of Secondary Education
Parent OrganisationMinistry of Human Resource Development
MediumHindi, English, Urdu
Class4th Standard

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