1 to 5 class maths

1 to 5 class maths syllabus is as follows:


Science CBSE class 4

NCERT social science class 4 syllabus

Class 1 Maths Syllabus Chapter List

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1. ChapterShapes and Space
2. ChapterAddition
3. ChapterSubtraction
4. ChapterNumbers from one to nine
5. ChapterNumbers from ten to twenty
6. ChapterNumbers from twenty-one to fifty
7. ChapterTime
8. ChapterMeasurement
9. ChapterData Handling
10. ChapterPatterns
11. ChapterNumbers
12. ChapterMoney
13. ChapterHow Many

Class 2 Maths Syllabus Chapter List

Chapter NumberChapter Name
1. ChapterWhat is long, what is round?
2. ChapterCounting in groups
3. ChapterHow much can you carry
4. ChapterCounting in tens
5. ChapterPatterns
6. ChapterFootprints
7. ChapterJugs and Mugs
8. ChapterTens and Ones
9. ChapterMy Funday
10. ChapterAdd our points
11. ChapterLines and lines
12. ChapterGive and take
13. ChapterThe longest step
14. ChapterThe bird comes, bird goes
15. ChapterHow many ponytails?

Class 3 Maths Syllabus Chapter List

Sl. No.Chapter Name
1.Where to Look From
2.Fun With Numbers
3.Give and Take
4.Long and Short
5.Shapes and Designs
6.Fun With Give and Take
7.Time Goes On
8.Who is Heavier?
9.How Many Times?
10.Play With Patterns
11.Jugs and Mugs
12.Can We Share?
13.Smart Charts!
14.Rupees and Paise

Class 4 Maths Syllabus Chapter Name

Sl. No.Chapter Name
1.      LessonBuilding with Bricks
2.      LessonLong and Short
3.      LessonA Trip to Bhopal
4.      LessonTick-Tick-Tick
5.      LessonThe Way The World Looks
6.      LessonThe Junk Seller
7.      LessonJugs and Mugs
8.      LessonCarts and Wheels
9.      LessonHalves and Quarters
10. LessonPlay with Patterns
11. LessonTables and Shares
12. LessonHow Heavy? How Light?
13. LessonFields and Fences
14. LessonSmart Charts

Class 5 Maths Chapters List

LessonChapter Name
1 LessonThe Fish Tale
2 LessonShapes and Angles
3 LessonHow Many Squares?
4 LessonParts and Wholes
5 LessonDoes it Look the Same?
6 LessonBe My Multiple,I’ll be Your Factor
7 LessonCan You See the Pattern?
8 LessonMapping Your Way
9 LessonBoxes and Sketches
10 LessonTenths and Hundredths
11 LessonArea and its Boundary
12 LessonSmart Charts
13 LessonWays to Multiply and Divide
14 LessonHow Big? How Heavy?

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