NCERT class 4 social science

NCERT class 4 social science syllabus consists of the following concepts you will be studying:


Water fit for drinking:

What are the major natural sources of water around you?
Natural sources
Inland water and seawater
Potable water
safe handling of water
Purification of water
diarrhea and other common water-borne diseases
Water sourcesReservoirs, canals, dams, etc.
Different public activities at water bodies
Water is a scarce resource and the struggle for acquiring it
Protection of water bodies
Our river/seaRivers and seas
Water pollution and harmful effects on animals
Seasonal change in the flow of water 
Animals in the sea/river
Does water vanish when heated?Basic processes of condensation and evaporation.

Animals for transport  

Have you experienced traveling on a tonga/horse carriage? How is it different from traveling on a bus?
Use of animals for transport
sensitivity towards animals
Paying for travel Getting familiar with currency notes and coins, national symbols.
Introduction to Mahatma Gandhi Old coins, change Recognizing some language scripts.
Travel to another placeDifferent landforms, languages, clothing, food habits,
some idea of another country ( through a story or imaginary narrative).
3. Things We Make And Do

Building materials and tools
How are bricks made?
Process of making involves raw materials, tools, labor Energy– changes over time in these and environment too
Different skills required for people engaged in a Construction activity
Materials and tools used for construction

Importance Of CBSE and NCERT Class 4 Social Science Syllabus

1.    4th Class CBSE Syllabus is plotted in such a way that it gives thorough and adequate knowledge about every concept which will be beneficial in higher standards.

2. It guides you about the course its description and what you are going to study in class 4.

3. It helps you in finding the relevant course materials. Moreover, moving towards the end of the syllabus, it tells which particular material you should prefer for your preparation.

4. It aids you in your homework and assignments.

5. It helps you in understanding the detailed fundamental concepts.

Prescribed Books for CBSE Class 4 Syllabus

SubjectBook Name
4th Class Maths Book (English Medium)Math – Magic
4th Grade Maths Book (Hindi Medium)Ganit Ka Jaadu
4th Class EVS Book (English Medium)Looking Around (EVS)
4th Class EVS Book (Hindi Medium)Aas-Pass
4th Class English BookMarigold
4th Class Hindi BookRimjhim

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