class 4 maths course

Class 4 maths course is as follows:

Maths Topics For Class 4

Book NameChapter NumberChapter Name
1 ChapterBuilding with Bricks
2  ChapterLong and Short
3 ChapterA Trip to Bhopal
4 ChapterTick-Tick-Tick
5 ChapterThe Way The World Looks
MATHS-MAGIC6 ChapterThe Junk Seller
7 ChapterJugs and Mugs
8 ChapterCarts and Wheels
9 ChapterHalves and Quarters
10 ChapterPlay with Patterns
11 ChapterTables and Shares
12 ChapterHow Heavy? How Light?
13 ChapterFields and Fences
14 ChapterSmart Charts

NOTE: The Hindi and Urdu versions of the ‘Math-Magic‘ book consist of the same chapters as mentioned above in other languages including Hindi and Urdu language, respectively.

Class 3 Maths Marking Scheme

Name of the chapterName of the Examination
1st Chapter: Building with Bricks 
2nd Chapter: Long and Short 
3rd Chapter: A trip to Bhopal 
4th Chapter: Tick-tick-tick
   Formative Assessment (FA-1) 20 Marks
5th Chapter: The Way The World Looks 
6th Chapter: The Junk Seller 
7th Chapter: Jugs and Mugs
  Formative Assessment (FA-2) 20 Marks
 8th Chapter: Carts and Wheels Summative Assessment (SA-1) 60 Marks
9th Chapter: Halves and Quarters 
10th Chapter: Play with Patterns 
11th Chapter: Tables and Shares 
12th Chapter: How Heavy? How Light?
   Formative Assessment (FA-3) 20 Marks
13th Chapter: Fields and Fences  Formative Assessment (FA-4) 20 Marks
14th Chapter: Smart Charts   
 Revision and Final Exam Summative Assessment (SA-2) 60 Marks

Features & Benefits of NCERT Maths For Class 4

  • In this maths solutions are given by experts to help your child studying in Class 4 to clear their doubts and learn more efficiently.
  • NCERT textbooks consist of questions written in a very simple language that your child can easily understand
  • Step-by-step solutions are provided and precise related formulas are given to help your child easily recall them.
  • Exercise-wise PDFs are also provided which you can download for your child and refer to in accordance with their convenience.

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