NCERT social science

NCERT social science class 4 syllabus will enlighten you regarding a few topics included.


Science CBSE class 4

Olympiad Exam for class 4

NCERT Social Science Topics are:

1.  Our Beautiful Country 
 In this, you will explore the physical features & political divisions of the country.
2.  The Northern Mountains 
In this, you will get to know about the habitat in the northern mountains. 
3.  The Northern Plains 
 In this, you will learn about life in the northern plains. 
4.  The Western Desert 
 In this, you learn about survival in the Thar desert. 
5.  The Southern Plateau  
This will enlighten you about life on the southern plateau. 
6.  The Coastal Plains and the Islands  
This will give you a sneak peek of the western and eastern coastal plains and life in the islands. 
7.  The Climate of Our Country  
In this, you will encounter the climate and seasons. 
8.  Our Natural Resources  
In this, you will study exhaustible and inexhaustible resources.
9.  Soils of India  
In this, you will get familiar with the types of soil.
10. Our Forest Wealth  
In this, you will be exploring forests and wildlife.
11. Our Water Resources  
In this, you will get to know the water resources of India.
12. Our Mineral Resources  
This will introduce you to mineral wealth and fuels.
13. Our Human Resources  
You will get to know human resources in India.
14. Our Agriculture  
In this, you will interact with crops, two growing seasons, and livestock.
15. Our Industries  
In this, you will learn about small and large-scale industries. 
16. Means Of Transport  
This will enlighten you about land, air, and water transport. 
17. Municipal Committees  
This will give you a sneak peek of municipal committees and corporations.
18. Means Of Communication  
In this, you will be gaining information about the various means of communication. 
19. Our Rich Heritage 
 In this, you will learn numerous languages, dresses, music, dance, festivals, architecture, and paintings. 

Importance Of NCERT Class 4 Syllabus

  1. The NCERT guides you regarding the course description and what you are going to learn in the 4th standard.
  2. It helps you in finding the relevant course material. Moreover, it tells which particular materials you should prefer for your exam preparations.
  3. It aids you in your homework and assignments.
  4. It helps you in understanding the fundamental concepts in detail precisely.

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