CBSE Notes class 6-12

CBSE Class 10 Notes can help students get brief idea about the chapters. It can help them learn and understand the basics of the subject. CBSE notes give the brief overview. To go through during preparation for students. These notes give a sense of idea what topics are important. They even present the chapter in a better organized and precise form

. With pre researched and expert revised solutions to questions, students can learn and understand how to solve or answer a questions. It gives students a sample of how and what should be the answer to the question. Also with tons of homework and work pressure on students, CBSE notes can make it easy for students to learn the chapter and important topics all at one place.

School Connect Online provides you CBSE notes for class 8 for every subject to help students as well as tutors. Notes for each subject, chapter and topic are available for students to read and learn. The NCERT books followed in various CBSE and state board affiliated schools. CBSE prescribes NCERT books for every class. NCERT notes for a CBSE students can make learning and preparing a lot easier and compact.

Class 10 Maths

1Unit 1: Number Systems
2Unit 2: Algebra
3Unit 3: Trigonometry
4Unit 4: Coordinate Geometry
5Unit 5: Geometry
6Unit 6: Mensuration
7Unit 7: Statistics and Probability

Class 10 Science

1Unit 1: Food
2Unit 2: Materials
3Unit 3: The World of the Living
4Unit 4: Moving Things, People, and Ideas
5Unit 5: How things work
6Unit 6: Natural Phenomena
7Unit 7: Natural Resources

Class 10 Social Science Notes

History Notes for class 10

History: India and the Contemporary World – II
Unit I: Events and Processes
1: Nationalism in Europe
2: Nationalist Movement in Indo-China
3: Nationalism in India: Civil Disobedience Movement
Unit II: Economics and Livelihoods
4: Industrialisation the 1850s–1950s
5: Urbanisation and Urban Lives
6: Trade and Globalization
Unit III: Culture, Identity, and Society
7: Print Culture and Nationalism
8: History of the Novel

Political Science for class 10 Notes

Political Science: Democratic Politics II
1. Working of democracy
2. Power sharing mechanisms in democracy
3. Competition and contestations in democracy
4. Outcomes of democracy
5. Challenges to democracy

Geography Notes for class 10

Geography: Contemporary India – II
1: Resources and Development
2: Forest and Wildlife Resources
3: Water Resources
4: Agriculture
5: Minerals and Energy Resources
6: Manufacturing Industries
7: Lifelines of National Economy

Economics Syllabus

Economics: Understanding Economic Development
1: Development
2: Sectors of the Indian Economy
3: Money and Credit
4: Globalisation and the Indian Economy
5: Consumer Rights

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