Class 4 Maths

Class 4 Maths syllabus is as follows:


NCERT social science class 4 syllabus

Science CBSE class 4

Maths syllabus class 4

Chapter NoChapter NameSummary
1.     ChapterBuilding with BricksIn this, you will learn how to make patterns with bricks.
2.     ChapterLong and ShortIn this session, you will study how to deal with lengths. Moreover, you will learn about measurement in centimeters and meters and conversion between the same.
3.     ChapterA Trip to BhopalIt is a very interesting chapter for you to study. In this, you are introduced to everyday math by a short adventure in Bhopal.
4.     ChapterTick-Tick-TickIn this chapter, you will learn how to see and tell the time from analog clocks. 
5.     ChapterThe Way The World LooksThis chapter helps you in appreciating dimensions and perspectives in the real world. However, you will study how to differentiate between 3-D and 2-D objects.
6.     ChapterThe Junk SellerThis section of maths will introduce you to the concept of buying and selling with the help of a story format. You will start grasping the idea of earning, expenditure, sales, and loans.
7.     ChapterJugs and MugsThis chapter deals with units of measurement of liquids. In this section, you will encounter the concept by measuring water. You will learn from large units like liters and move on to smaller ones like milliliters.
8.     ChapterCarts and WheelsThis chapter will enlighten you with the idea of circles and radii. Moreover, you will also get an intuitive feel for the perimeter of a circle.
9.     ChapterHalves and QuartersThis chapter introduces you to the concept of whole, halves, and quarters using chapatis and chocolates.
10. ChapterPlay with PatternsIn this, you will be introduced to the concept of patterns. It develops and polishes your thinking and analysis skills. However, you will study to identify patterns in a string of characters.
11. ChapterTables and SharesThis chapter enlightens you regarding applying division in everyday life. You will study the division of objects into rows and groups.
12. ChapterHow Heavy? How Light?This session teaches you the mechanics of weight measurement. You will learn to use the numerous units. Moreover, you will study the practical application of weights in balances, etc.
13. ChapterFields and FencesIn this, you will encounter the idea of area and perimeter through understandable things, like fields and fences.
14. ChapterSmart ChartsThis session will introduce you to the essential concept of handling pictorial information.

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