NCERT Class 4 maths

NCERT Class 4 Maths textbook is the best book for you to gain a profound understanding of all the concepts and strengthen your fundamentals of Maths.



Social Science Class 4 CBSE

Maths Olympiad Class 4

NCERT syllabus For Class 4 Maths (English Medium)

Chapter NoChapter Name
1.     ChapterBuilding with Bricks
2.     ChapterLong and Short
3.     ChapterA Trip to Bhopal
4.     ChapterTick-Tick-Tick
5.     ChapterThe Way The World Looks
6.     ChapterThe Junk Seller
7.     ChapterJugs and Mugs
8.     ChapterCarts and Wheels
9.     ChapterHalves and Quarters
10. ChapterPlay with Patterns
11. ChapterTables and Shares
12. ChapterHow Heavy? How Light?
13. ChapterFields and Fences
14. ChapterSmart Charts

NCERT syllabus For Class 4 Maths (Hindi Medium)

 Chapter Number  Chapter Name
 1 अध्यायईंटों से बनी इमारत
 2 अध्यायलंबा और छोटा
 3 अध्यायभोपाल की सैर
 4 अध्यायटिक टिक टिक
 5 अध्यायदुनिया कुछ ऐसी दिखती है
 6 अध्यायकबाड़ीवाली
 7 अध्यायजग मग, जग मग
 8 अध्यायगाड़ियाँ और पहिए
 9 अध्यायआधा और चौथाई
 10 अध्यायपैटर्न
 11 अध्यायपहाड़े और बँटवारे
 12 अध्यायकितना भारी? कितना हल्का?
 13 अध्यायखेत और बाड़
 14 अध्यायस्मार्ट चार्ट

Class 4 Maths Marking Scheme

Name of the chapterName of the Examination
1st Chapter: Building with Bricks 
2nd Chapter: Long and Short 
3rd Chapter: A trip to Bhopal 
4th Chapter: Tick-tick-tick
   Formative Assessment (FA-1) 20 Marks
5th Chapter: The Way The World Looks
6th Chapter: The Junk Seller 
7th Chapter: Jugs and Mugs
  Formative Assessment (FA-2) 20 Marks
8th Chapter: Carts and Wheels Summative Assessment (SA-1) 60 Marks
9th Chapter: Halves and Quarters 
10th Chapter: Play with Patterns 
11th Chapter: Tables and Shares 
12th Chapter: How Heavy? How Light?
   Formative Assessment (FA-3) 20 Marks
13th Chapter: Fields and Fences  Formative Assessment (FA-4) 20 Marks
14th Chapter: Smart Charts   
 Revision and Final Exam Summative Assessment (SA-2) 60 Marks

Why is NCERT Books For Class 4 Maths beneficial?

1. The concepts of NCERT books are written in easy language with appropriate examples and diagrams.

2. With the help of the NCERT books, you can study all the basic and fundamental concepts on your tips.

3. NCERT textbooks are strictly slated on the guidelines mentioned by the CBSE.

4. These textbooks consist of various problems and questions that you can practice.

5. NCERT books are compiled and written under the vigilance of experienced and notable authors who have an in-depth knowledge of all the topics.

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