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Students in grades 1 to 12 can take online Olympiad tests administered by the SCO International Olympiad. Every year, students take online olympiad exams that last 60 minutes and consist of 50 multiple-choice questions. In order to finish the exam within the allotted time, students must keep track of the passing of time. It is simple for students to attempt questions in the yearly Olympiads because they have prepared for the monthly Olympiads. Online Olympiad Exams

The annual Olympiads are conducted online as well as offline. Registrations for the annual Olympiads can be done by clicking here –

Online Olympiad Exams

School can register using this google form –

School Connect Olympiad is an International competition with more than 4 Lakhs students, 23,000 Schools, present in 26 countries and is the biggest International Online Olympiad.

In the event that your school is not participating in these exams, interested candidates may still register on their own. All interested participants may utilise the same registration URL. 

Online Olympiad Tests

Online olympiad assessments give all competitors the necessary practise, and all enrolled pupils have free access to online learning resources. It is among the best methods for getting ready for yearly tests. All participants in Olympiad tests receive general growth. It is the ideal way to comprehend one’s strengths and shortcomings, whether it be online or offline.       

Exam dates and details for SCO International Olympiad Exams 2023 – 2024
School Registration Link
Exam Registration Fee per studentFor Online/Offline INR 200 and USD 8 – 12
Declaration of Results – Stage 1January,2023
Stage – 2 Exam DateFebruary and March,2024
Online Olympiad Exams


Olympiad NamePrice [INR]Price [USD]First Exam DateSecond Exam DateThird Exam DateFourth Exam DateFifth Exam Date
SCO International Artificial Intelligence Olympiad (SCO IAIO)250809-11-202309-12-202330-12-202305-01-202411-01-2024
SCO International Math Olympiad (SCO IMO)200805-11-202317-12-202324-12-202306-01-202413-01-2024
SCO International Science Olympiad (SCO ISO)200821-10-202319-11-202326-11-202305-01-202412-01-2024
SCO International Coding Olympiad (SCO ICO)4501216-12-202323-12-202304-01-202411-01-202418-01-2024
SCO International English Olympiad (SCO IEO)200821-10-202328-10-202311-11-202325-11-202302-12-2023
SCO International General Knowledge Olympiad (SCO IGKO)200828-09-202330-09-202306-10-202313-10-202316-11-2023
SCO International Logical Reasoning Olympiad (SCO ILRO)200807-10-202329-10-202314-11-202323-11-202320-12-2023

Benefits of SCO International Olympiad Exams 2023

  • Free study materials to all olympiad exam registered materials with immediate access after olympiad registration.
  • Skill based outcome report to all students, teachers and school.
  • First Olympiad helping schools and students to discover skill-based learning outcome.
  • Only Olympiad with reports on Academic Skill, Reasoning Skill, Technical Skill and Language skill.
  • First Olympiad with AI, Coding and Reasoning Olympiad.
Introduction International School Connect Olympiad

Benefits of International School Connect Olympiad

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