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The SCO International Olympiad has a distinctive method for holding both online and offline assessments. It guarantees that pupils receive the most preparation possible before to the yearly Olympiads. As a result, it provides all Olympiad competitors with free mock exams, sample papers and learning  materials. Exams are given annually in topics such maths, english, science, logical reasoning, coding, , general knowledge and artificial intelligence. On our website, you may see the annual Olympiads’ schedule. Students can learn about the types of questions that will be asked on the final exam by taking the mock exams that SCO International Olympiad is offering.Olympiad Mock Test & Olympiad Trial Test

They may learn how challenging each question is and get a general estimate of how much time they can devote to it. It is crucial to finish the paper within the allotted time. The mock exams enable them to manage their time while maintaining accuracy and competence on all questions.

To register for the Olympiad exams, please visit –

Olympiad Mock Test

Using the same link, you may sign up for yearly Olympiads. Complete all needed fields, then choose Olympiad exam. Every class from class 1 to 12 is eligible to take these tests. The earlier kids sign up, the better they do in understanding subjects. They can use it to study for other competitive tests in addition to Olympiads. It broadens their knowledge of the subject and enables them to investigate issues that are pertinent to the present. Students who take the mock exams for the Olympiad have a better chance of doing well on the final exams.Olympiad Mock Test & Olympiad Trial Test

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