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Exams for the Olympiad are administered both online and offline. Students may participate in the Olympiads using any smartphone or tablet because they are conducted online. Both online and offline competitions are held during the annual Olympiads. The registration procedure has been made as easy as possible by SCO International Olympiad. Both schools and individual individuals are invited to submit applications. On behalf of the school, applications may be made by the class teacher or the lead subject teacher. To apply for an Olympiad exam, follow the instructions below.Apply For Olympiad Exam

  1. To register – click this link –  https://www.schoolconnectonline.com/OlympiadRegistration.aspx
  2. Register by completing the website’s relevant fields.
  3. You can choose an appropriate date for the Olympiad exam based on your interests.
  4. After being transferred to the payment gateway, you will make a payment and get a confirmation message.
  5. Following confirmation, the student will receive an email with login information for free access to study resources as well as confirmation of the exam.
  6. All students who have enrolled for the SCO International Olympiad are given access to free study resources online.

The staff at the SCO International Olympiad is always willing to lend a hand. If you have any questions about the registration process, please email us at olympiad@schoolconnectonline.com or whatsapp us using the information on our website. For kids in grades 1 through 12, SCO Olympiad offers free access to study materials with high-quality questions, free sample papers, and previous Olympiad exam papers.

It exposes pupils to questions from several chapters in an outstanding way.  Through the SCO Olympiad online student login portal, it is advised that all students in grades 1 to 12 prepare and take mock exams.


Online Olympiad Registration

School Connect Olympiad

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