For students in classes 1 to 12, the registration period for the Olympiad Exam 2023–2024 has begun. Students may register either independently or through their respective schools. Students who are registering through their schools should get in touch with the designated Olympiad coordinator. Individually participating students can sign up by completing the online registration form. Science, math, English, GK, logical reasoning, coding, and artificial intelligence all have olympiad tests accessible. It is possible to participate in any number of disciplines. Each subject has multiple-choice questions that are created by subject matter specialists while taking into account the most recent curriculum guidelines provided by the school board. School Connect Olympiad-24

Register right away to improve the pupils’ performance and learning abilities so they are better prepared for upcoming competitive tests.

SCO International Olympiad 2023-24

List of Olympiad Exams of – SCO International Olympiad 2023-24

Olympiad Name
SCO International Artificial Intelligence Olympiad (SCO IAIO)
SCO International Math Olympiad (SCO IMO)
SCO International Science Olympiad (SCO ISO)
SCO International Coding Olympiad (SCO ICO)
SCO International English Olympiad (SCO IEO)
SCO International General Knowledge Olympiad (SCO IGKO)
SCO International Logical Reasoning Olympiad (SCO ILRO)

Olympiad 2023 Key Dates Schedule –

Olympiad NamePrice [INR]Price [USD]First Exam DateSecond Exam DateThird Exam DateFourth Exam DateFifth Exam Date
SCO International Artificial Intelligence Olympiad (SCO IAIO)250809-11-202309-12-202330-12-202305-01-202411-01-2024
SCO International Math Olympiad (SCO IMO)200805-11-202317-12-202324-12-202306-01-202413-01-2024
SCO International Science Olympiad (SCO ISO)200821-10-202319-11-202326-11-202305-01-202412-01-2024
SCO International Coding Olympiad (SCO ICO)4501216-12-202323-12-202304-01-202411-01-202418-01-2024
SCO International English Olympiad (SCO IEO)200821-10-202328-10-202311-11-202325-11-202302-12-2023
SCO International General Knowledge Olympiad (SCO IGKO)200828-09-202330-09-202306-10-202313-10-202316-11-2023
SCO International Logical Reasoning Olympiad (SCO ILRO)200807-10-202329-10-202314-11-202323-11-202320-12-2023
School Connect Olympiad-24
Benefits of International School Connect Olympiad
Introduction International School Connect Olympiad

NSO Science Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper for Class 1 to 12

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