NTSE Sample Papers

NTSE sample paper is no less than a treasure in disguise. NTSE sample paper gives a quite elaborated view of how NTSE question paper looks like including the weightage and pattern in which the questions are framed. 

However, permitting candidates to plan a strategy that how to crack this deal. NTSE sample paper proves to be a great help for candidates who are preparing for the NTSE examination or planning to appear in it.

If NTSE sample paper is used precisely then it will turn out to be a jackpot for scoring a great percentile.  

NTSE Question Papers

MAT Sample paper for NTSE

MAT Sample paper of NTSE polishes candidates’ numerous skills for judging the sizes and positions of objects etc including verbal concepts, vocabulary, arithmetic, and spatial awareness.

Candidate can nail MAT section through rigorous and regular practicing NTSE MAT sample paper. 

Moreover, the NTSE sample paper also provides a view to a great extent regarding the difficulty level and the pattern of questions are asked in the NTSE examination. 

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SAT Sample paper for NTSE

Practicing numerous NTSE sample papers before appearing for the NTSE exam can provide aid to a great extent to a candidate. NTSE sample paper helps in improving accuracy and speed. 

Moreover, the NTSE sample paper also helps in getting familiar with the most repeated questions of the NTSE SAT. SAT questions encompass 120 questions which are taken from various subjects including Science, Social Science, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. 

NTSE Selection Process 2020

Moreover, it also consists of language comprehensive tests. NTSE sample paper of SAT gives a sneak peek of the candidate’s strengths and weaker areas. NTSE sample paper provides an opportunity to polish a candidate’s weakness and emphasis his or her strengths.   

NTSE 2020 Syllabus

What is NTSE?

Tips and tricks for using NTSE sample paper 

  • The candidate can set a time limit of 2 hours for solving the NTSE sample paper.
  • The candidate should be well prepared before attempting the NTSE sample paper. In case they are not prepared solving the paper will reward them with lower grades which may lead to demotivation.
  • The candidate should avoid using any textbook or other material while solving the NTSE sample paper and should check it after finishing the paper for efficient performance.
  •  While evaluating your answer sheet for the second stage give each correct answer a mark and subtract 1/3rd of a mark for each incorrect answer.


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