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The International Math Olympiad (IMO) is one of the most prestigious exams which is conducted by School Connect Online. IMO Sample Papers for all classes 1 to 5 are available on the official website of School Connect Online. As the sample papers are essential for exam preparation, these papers were created by our very own subject experts and include all of the original paper’s sections. All questions, including sample tests, mock tests, and previous years’ IMO papers, are available at IMO Sample tests.IMO Class 3 Chapter 1 Number System

The syllabus for Maths Olympiad IMO Class 3 is the same as that taught in all schools. It is easier and more enjoyable for students to learn what is discussed in class. Olympiad exams aid in the improvement of overall subject knowledge. It enables them to address a variety of issues while remaining focused on the fundamentals. The IMO syllabus includes four sections: Logical Reasoning, Mathematical Reasoning, Everyday Mathematics, and Achievers.

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Syllabus for IMO Class 3 – IMO Class 3 Chapter 1 Number System

The exam will have 35 questions with a total of 40 marks. The examination will last one hour. Students can prepare by consulting NCERT books and previous years’ class 3 question papers. Level I questions will be drawn from 60% of the class 3 syllabus and 40% of the class 2 syllabus. The Achievers section will include questions from the class 3 curriculum. 

The syllabus for IMO class 3 is divided into four sections:

Logical Reasoning – This section is intended to help students improve their learning abilities and feel comfortable approaching nonverbal and verbal reasoning on a variety of topics.

Mathematical Reasoning – Students must learn several methods for improving their mathematical reasoning by solving various types of mathematical problems.

Everyday Mathematics – The third section focuses on assisting students in developing problem-solving skills related to various mathematical concepts.

Achiever section – In the final section, students are evaluated on their fundamental mathematical skills. Because the core concepts are discussed in this segment, students must be familiar with the topics ahead of time in order to effectively handle various questions.

IMO Class 3 Chapter 1: Number System Detailed Notes

You will come across numbers in your daily life. Each item, whether a book, an umbrella or a toffee, comes with the same number. However, these are not the same. It takes many routines for your child to understand that numbers tell us ‘how many,’ not the actual object itself.

Number Sense is typically the concept that aids in number recognition. This amazing ability assists your child in understanding and excelling in Math. Numbers are typically dubious and practically impossible to obtain.

All of these numbers are represented by symbols such as 1, 2, 3, and so on. Certain symbols are also referred to as numbers or totals.

They can also be written in words – one, two, three, and so on.

Understanding the symbol for the amounts and what the number is called is the first step in developing a number sense.

Learning how to Count

Following the acquisition of the numbers’ names, the next step is to prepare them for counting – that is, to connect the numbers’ names.

Counting is essential for your child’s mathematical understanding. When your child understands the numbers 1, 2, and 3, he is learning the names of the numbers. He also notices that numbers occur within a fixed model or system.

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