For those who are willing to participate in the International English Olympiad, getting a thorough understanding of the syllabus is crucial for the preparation. In this blog, you’ll find the important points regarding the syllabus and the marking scheme for the IEO English Olympiad Class 4.

Class 4

Olympiad Exam for class 4


IEO English Olympiad Class 4 Syllabus

Nouns and Pronouns

A pupil would select the pronouns in a phrase or complete in the blanks with the right set of pronouns among the choices accordingly.
A child would have to distinguish the nouns given in a statement and choose the proper option in this segment. Students could easily enhance their overall understanding of nouns by reviewing the IEO Syllabus for Class 4 Previous Years’ Problems.

Antonyms and Synonyms

You will be given a word in the form of a question with four explicit answers in this section. Because antonyms are the inverse of a word’s meaning, the student must figure out what the word’s definition is. In this section, a statement will be displayed along with several synonym options to choose from based on its context.  After that, one of the options will be correct accordingly. In order to respond effectively in this situation, students will need to understand as well as retain the meaning of a variety of expressions.


Adverbials are words that are used to modify or emphasize verbs in the English language. It’s possible that kids will be asked to choose an adverb from the sentence structure. To help students not only understand the content but also to learn better, students should practice all previous sample papers and interpretations.  For instance, ‘writing quickly’ and ‘sleeping soundly’, and so on.

Preposition and Punctuations

The students will be asked to pick the correct preposition depending on the sentence as well as bridge the gap between them accordingly. However, check previous years’ papers as well as practice them for understanding the pattern of the preposition-related topics. 
To establish a suitable connotation for a given sentence, the proper one should be chosen from among all of the options accordingly. This type of question could not only test the candidates’ knowledge of punctuation but also enhance their grammar skills.

Logical Reasoning and Tenses

All topics from this part will be covered in the higher-level thinking tasks. To understand the various limits as well as to answer the questions, a combination of general facts will be required.

Meanwhile, the tenses section will examine pupils in Class 4’s knowledge of the simple tense. Eventually, to determine the right meaning of the phrase, they must identify the appropriate tense form.

Articles and Verbs

In the chapter on the Articles, children will be introduced to the concepts of definite and indefinite articles, as well as types. These terms determine whether or not a noun is particular or generic. For example, children will be asked to use “a”, “an”, and “the” in particular sentences.

The Verbs chapters of the IEO Class 4 syllabus will help the students to learn verbs and how they are used to construct sentences accordingly. Using this principle, students will be able to find the appropriate verb for a given term. 

Comprehension Passage

Students will concentrate on their ability to read, digest, as well as comprehend the material in order to integrate it with what the reader already knows about the subject. Comprehension passages might seem difficult initially but it can be aced by practicing reading and understanding the meaning of different types of passages.  

One could find many types of comprehension passages just by going through sample papers and solving them. To become an expert, it is recommended that the students must solve more and more comprehension-related topics and questions accordingly.

IEO English Olympiad Class 4 Marking Scheme

Total Questions: 35

Time: 1 hr.

Section 1: Homophones, Colloquial expressions, Correct spelling, Animal-Related Terms, Clothing, Basic Reactions, Pets, Companions, etc. Biological sex, Numbers, Proverbs, Idiomatic expressions, One words, Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adverbials, Superlatives, Articles, Parts of speech, Simple Tenses, Punctuations, Tangled words, and so on.
Section 2: Find and extract information from a variety of texts such as stories, anecdotes, and so on. Comprehend the information via images, timetable structure, and so forth. Develop a broad comprehension of, and search for, particular information in brief texts such as greetings, invites, etc.
Section 3: Comprehension of situational differences in functions such as apology, greeting, introduction, request, and so on.
Section 4: Higher-Level Thinking Questions

CLASS 1 TO 4Knowledge of Words and Structure 30130
Spoken and Written Expression
Achievers Section5210
Grand Total3540

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