E-learning and ed-tech segments are emerging as a boon for educators that are looking to redefine the Indian education system with new opportunities and technology. This transformation is believed to be fruitful, enhancing/maintaining the quality of education along with breaking the geographical barriers for acquiring quality education.Digital Education is the Need of the Hour

Since e-learning and ed-tech are among the latest and hottest trends in the Indian education sector, the future of the industry as a whole looks promising. More educators will be joining this sector for improving the quality of education in India through the proper usage of technology.

Online Education-The Need of the Hour

‘Digital India’ initiative has the potential to transform the entire service delivery system in the country. It has the caliber to induce economic activity, accelerate growth in terms of productivity, employment, and literacy even in areas that are not digitally connected. The high intensity tool will transform India into a connected knowledge economy offering world-class services at a click.

Virtual Classroom Are The Need Of The Hour 

Virtual or online learning provides various channels such as mail, online chat and video conferences, through which students and instructors can interact with each other.

In the classroom, there is only one channel to communicate with each other. Many students have a visual memory and seem to learn more willingly and are interested in online modes of teaching. Virtual learning is opted these days due to the shutdown of schools and institutions.

Digital Education is the Need of the Hour

It is beneficial to an extent because it does not require waking up early, there is no fear of getting scolded and one can study in a comfortable manner. But, a teacher-student relationship can be best established in a classroom only. The interaction and the questions a student asks the instructor in the class cannot happen in an online interaction. Virtual learning offers a good substitute to classroom learning in the time of emergency but it cannot replace the classroom.

Classroom learning still remains the main option as discipline can be taught through it and it is a better mode of imparting education and knowledge.

Conclusion :

The quality of education is the utmost factor behind the success or failure of any educational organisation. Ever since technology has heavily penetrated the education industry, educators are looking out for ways to utilise technology efficiently, allowing it to benefit their brands in terms of enhancing the services.

But while doing the same, many times, educators get carried away with technology to such an extent that they eventually don’t keep their focus on the quality of education. This is why most of the e-learning and ed-tech brands fail, post their operation.

“Our prime motive as a digital education brand is to ensure that the right kind of balance is maintained when it’s about amalgamating education with technology. It’s all about providing education services with the help of the internet, without compromising on the quality of education.

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