Class 2 maths

Class 2 maths consists of the below-mentioned chapters:


CBSE Class 3 maths

Chapter Summary

1 What is long, what is round?:

The chapter will brief you about the shape and strength of different items. You have to identify objects according to the mentioned parameters.

2 Counting in groups: 

This chapter introduces you to the pairing concept. Examples include shoes and earrings. It also includes the concept of identification of less or more.  

3 How much can you carry: 

The pictorial representation shows how to analyze the weight of an object. Practice exercise consists of identification and comparison. 

4 Counting in tens: 

It enlightens you about the addition and subtraction of figures in tens.

5 Patterns: 

The chapter consists of elementary steps of analytical reasoning where similar designs and shapes you have to figure out. 

6 Footprints: 

In this chapter, you will revise your skills of identification. Practice exercises are matching footprints with the animals respectively. Also, shapes will be given, and you have to jot down the names.

7 Jugs and Mugs: 

It is a narrative of pieces that make you aware of the regular items we use in our daily life.

8 Tens and Ones:

 It enlightens you concerning the concept of the place value of digits. In this chapter, only tens and ones are given consideration.

9 My Funday: 

The concept of various days in a week is calculated in this chapter. The level of practice exercise is higher where you have to figure out what comes before and after a day. 

10 Add our points: 

This chapter introduces you to elements of mental mathematics.

11 Lines, and lines: 

 Various positions of lines are explained like standing lines, sleeping lines, and slanting lines. Moreover, curved lines, etc.

12 Give and take: 

Addition and subtraction of big numbers are shown to you with the help of counting beads.

13 The longest step: 

It introduces you to distance and length.

14 The bird comes, the bird goes:

 The exercise consists of different concepts such as patterns, counting, carry over addition, etc.

15 How many ponytails?: 

It has short comprehension passages related to numbers, and you have to answer the questions.

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  3. NCERT updates its Maths books quite often with the help of the latest question papers of previous year. 

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