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The Central Board of Secondary Education also known as CBSE has implemented a modern and new assessment scheme for the students of the 10th standard of the present academic year 2021-22. As per the result of the modified slated exam policy, the full academic year will be split into two terms. Moreover, the CBSE class 10 exam will be carried out in two exams. However, at the end of each term, a CBSE class 10 exam will be conducted.  

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CBSE Board Exams

First off, the students appearing for the CBSE board exams should get familiar with proposed changes in the academic terms. Changes include the syllabus, schedule of the CBSE board exam, and pattern of Board exam 2021-22.


The following piece of article will enlighten you about some tips, important points to keep in mind. Moreover, for better and smart work in your CBSE class 10 exams in both terms. 

Rationing of Syllabus for CBSE Class 10 Board Exam 2021-2022

1. The Central Board of Education, might not wipe out any portion of the CBSE class 10 Syllabus that was declared in March 2021.

2. However, the CBSE board may release the syllabus after rationalizing it for Term 1 and Term 2. Based on the rationing, exams will be conducted at the end of each term.

3. Students appearing for the current year CBSE class 10 exams will have to study 50-50 percent syllabus for both terms.

4. Board has decided to conduct the exams at the end of every term based on the bisected syllabus only.

Criteria for evaluation of Term 1 & Term 2

  • Firstly, contradicting the previous years’ pattern, no annual examination or year-end exam will be conducted.
  • Secondly, the scheme for the current assessment is much like the system based on semester patterns.
  • The examination will be conducted at the closure of each term i.e. Term 1 and Term 2.
  • The final score of a student will be calculated considering the scores of both exams.
  • Moreover, Marks of Internal Assessment will be counted for the calculation of the overall scores. The same pattern which used to be followed in the previous years. 
  • However, CBSE Board is trying its hands to maintain the transparency of the released modified guidelines in the complete process of an internal assessment conducted by the schools.

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