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Plants play an important role in nature. They can live on land as well as in water. Plants are extremely beneficial to us, as they provide us with a variety of products such as food, wood, and paper. The majority of our food comes from plants, such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, and pulses. We eat plant roots, leaves, stems, flowers, and fruits.


Roots are found beneath the soil’s surface and keep the plant firmly in place. The primary function of this organ is to absorb water and nutrients for the plant. It serves to store food and nutrients while also providing support to the plant. Many plants, such as beets, radishes, and carrots, have edible roots.


The stem can be green or brown, thin or thick. It maintains the plant’s upright position. It transports water and minerals from the roots to the leaves and food down the plant to be distributed and stored. It holds the branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits in place and connects them to the roots. Many plant stems, such as potatoes and ginger, are consumed as food. Mushrooms and other non-green plants do not prepare their food. Many plants, such as spinach, lettuce, and cabbage, have edible leaves.


Flowers are the most visually appealing part of a plant. Each flower type has a unique physical structure, colour, and scent when compared to other flower type plants. Petals and the smell of the flower attract insects and bees, which pollinate the flower. Perfumes are made from the petals of sweet-smelling flowers. Flowers are commonly used for decoration and garlands. Lotus, rose, marigold, jasmine, sunflower, hibiscus, and other common flowers Broccoli and cauliflower are edible flowers.


The fruit is a fleshy or dry ripened plant part that contains the seed or seeds. We eat oranges, mangoes, apples, grapes, and other fruits.


The seed is the hard part inside the fruit. The majority of plants grow from seeds. Pomegranate, banana, fig, guava, kiwi, grapes, and other fruits have seeds that we eat. We don’t eat the seeds of apples, chikoos, and a variety of other fruits.

Plant Requirements

Plants are living organisms that require food to grow. Plants cook their own food. Plants require the following ingredients to produce food:

Sunlight – Plant leaves absorb sunlight as the plant requires. Some plants require more sunlight than others. Some plants require shade because they require only a small amount of sunlight.

Adequate water – Adequate water is required for healthy plant growth. Plants will suffer if they receive too much or too little water, and they may die. Water is absorbed by the plant’s roots. The amount of water required by each type of plant varies.

Adequate air and temperature – During photosynthesis, plants take in carbon dioxide through their leaves and expel oxygen. To help sustain their structural components, the plants should be in areas with little wind.

Rich soil – Plants obtain the nutrients or minerals they require from the soil in which they are planted. These elements are absorbed by the roots.

Space – Plants require adequate space to grow and expand their roots, which bind them to the ground. Plants that are overcrowded are more likely to die.


Improved Concept Understanding –

It is critical to learn, but it is even more important to understand the concept. A student cannot achieve the desired goal unless he or she understands the concept or content being studied. It is critical for a student to have a better understanding in order to learn more effectively.

Analytical and problem-solving abilities are improved – 

The School Connect Online Olympiad aimed to improve students’ abilities such as observing, identifying, comparing, and differentiating between things. Students gain a new skill called “Problem Solving.”

 A student’s problems-

solving ability is critical in all aspects of his or her life, whether academic or professional. Science Olympiads develop this skill by requiring students to think analytically in order to reach a conclusion. A student’s problem-solving ability lasts a long time in his or her life.

Improved Academic Performance – 

A student’s academic performance is improved. Science Olympiads help to sharpen a child’s thinking ability, which leads to the child performing well in his or her academics as well.

Belief in Your Ability to Compete in the Future –

Who doesn’t want to be successful in his or her life? To achieve one’s desired success goals, one must be self-assured. The child is exposed to a competitive environment at a young age, which familiarizes him or her with competition and removes the fear of failure.

Provides a large platform for showcasing talent –

A large platform is provided for students to showcase their talents and intelligence in front of a large number of students and other audiences. Receiving special recognitions keeps children motivated and reinforces the sense of encouragement that allows them to move forward and seize more opportunities.

School Connect Online offers olympiads suh as:

1.National Science Olympiad (NSO)

2. International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)

3. Coding Olympiad 

4.Artificial Intelligence Olympiad.

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