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NTSE is held under the observance of NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training). NTSE is sketched for the students studying in the 10 standards. It bestows an opportunity for the students to explore and expand their talent in front of the entire country. Moreover, NTSE mock test, sample paper, question paper plays a major role in its preparation.


Well before jumping into the pool of NTSE exams, it is essential for candidates to have elaborated information concerning the safety and how to safely swim and reach the corner of this ocean without drowning. However, the aspirant should be familiar with the pattern of the exams plotted by the conducting authority i.e. (NCERT). Moreover, the applicant should gather some tips required for smart work simultaneously with the hard work for clearing the NTSE exam.

About NTSE Exam


NTSE Mock test MAT paper

Mock test papers glaze candidates’ various skills comprising of judging the sizes and positions of objects etc, including verbal concepts, vocabulary, arithmetic, and spatial awareness to mention a few.

Candidates can ace the MAT section through precise and daily practicing the mock tests. Moreover, it also gives a crystal clear view of the complexity and the numerous questions asked in the NTSE examination. 

Mock test of NTSE SAT paper

Practicing numerous mock tests prior to the NTSE exam can be a great help to a candidate. NTSE mock test helps in improvising accuracy and speed. Although, a mock test also makes you aware of the questions asked quite often. SAT question paper consists of 120 questions which are picked by experts from various subjects including Science, Social Science, Mathematics and General Knowledge. 


  • Having detailed information about the NTSE syllabus along with the exam pattern will provide the aspirant an advantage to sketch a study plan which is helpful and quite efficient. 
  • Moreover, it is essential for a candidate to mark the questions appearing in NTSE are picked from the NCERT books. 
  • In addition, the syllabus included in the stage-I and stage-II exams are similar, but the degree of difficulty varies. 
  • Although, students can also opt for the books specialized by the NTSE for preparation. Moreover, the previous year’s question papers and NTSE mock test also play an essential part in the NTSE preparation.


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