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One of the subjects that students must master in order to receive a passing grade in mathematics. Thorough practice is one of the most important components of mastering mathematics, and the International Maths Olympiad (IMO) is one such platform where students are taught the fundamentals of the subject. In this article, you will get detailed information about IMO Class 1 Chapter 7: Lines and Plane Shapes

International Maths Olympiad is conducted by School Connect Online in a number of schools. Students in grades 1 to 10 are eligible to attend. In these tests, there are only multiple-choice questions. The Olympiad exam serves as a foundation for students to achieve academic success. It gives students a competitive advantage when answering challenging questions.

Olympiad tests are subject-centered cutthroat competitions held on a larger normal stage across the world. Understudies from various nations and schools compete at a higher level of learning and becoming together to help them get where they remain among friends of a similar instructional level. There are Olympiads for various subjects, such as International Science Olympiad (ISO), International Math Olympiad (IMO), International English Olympiad (IEO), and International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO). Understudies can choose to participate in one or more of these Olympiads based on their availability. These tests are designed to elicit genuine ability from students, assist them in building certainty, and prepare them for comparative cutthroat tests. 

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IMO Class 1 Chapter 7: Lines and Plane Shapes Detailed Notes


Characteristics of a square 

  • it’s Having four sides.
  • It has four corners.
  • The length of each side of a square is the same.
  • When a square is rotated, the shape is unaffected by the change in direction.


Properties of rectangle

  • it’s Having four sides.
  • It has four corners.
  • The rectangle’s opposite sides are of equal length.
  • Its longer side is known as length, while its shorter side is known as width.
  • When a rectangle is rotated, the shape is unaffected by the rotation.


Triangle’s characteristics

  • It has three sides.
  • It has 3 corners.
  • Even after rotation, a triangle retains its original shape.


Characteristics of circle

  • No sides exist on it.
  • No corners exist on it.
  • When a circle is rotated, the shape continues to appear as it did before the rotation.


Properties of Oval

  • It lacks sides.
  • There are no corners.
  • When an oval is rotated, the shape doesn’t change at all.

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