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Every year, the School Connect Online hosts the IGKO (International General Knowledge Olympiad). The IGKO Olympiad exam is given to students in grades one through ten. It aims to foster students’ interest in current events and general knowledge. Students taking the IGKO Olympiad must be familiar with the IGKO Olympiad Syllabus. Since last year, the syllabus and exam pattern has remained unchanged. Let’s see more information about IGKO Syllabus for class 7. 

Since the IGKO exam is primarily used to assess candidates’ general knowledge, you can expect some questions based on current events. Aside from that, the IGKO Olympiad syllabus will include important topics from History, Geography, Science, Mathematics, and other disciplines.

If you are an IGKO exam candidate seeking information on the IGKO syllabus, please read the entire article.

IGKO Class 7 Syllabus Years 2021-22

Plants and Animals

One of the most important topics to cover for IGKO is Plants and Animals. Plant and animal life cycles, rare species, weather conditions suitable for specific plants and animals, scientific names, and so on are among the questions. Plants and animals can be practised using IGKO Sample papers.

Indian and The World

The questions on this topic are based on Indian and World history, important dates, great leaders and their biographies, and so on. In what ways does India compare to the rest of the world? What are the best locations in the world for various scenarios? The best way to practice this section is to read from previous Class social studies and previous IGKO papers.

Technology and Science

The IGKO Class 7 Syllabus 2021-2022 will assist you in understanding the detailed review of the sections you must cover in Science and Technology. It typically includes the most recent inventions, computer languages, programming fundamentals, previous years’ physics and chemistry syllabuses, and so on. 

Earth and its Environment

One of the most important topics on the IGKO Syllabus for Class 7 is Earth and its Environment. This topic includes interesting facts about the Earth, such as its age, life cycle, environmental effects on the Earth, recent changes in the environment, pollution and its consequences, and so on.


The universe, with its many sub-topics, is far too large to cover in a short amount of time. In this case, IGKO Syllabus Class 7 Free Download PDF can be useful. It will assist you in understanding which sections you should concentrate on. It focuses on the universe, planets, eco-systems, galaxies, and a variety of other topics.

Literature and Language

This topic will teach you about the various languages spoken around the world, the greatest literary cultures, famous poets, and so on. This is without a doubt one of the most intriguing topics.


It is one of the most appealing topics on the IGKO exam. You will learn about the various industries that make up the entertainment industry. Sports, games, cultures, and a variety of other topics are covered in the category of entertainment. 

Social Studies

Social Studies is divided into several sections, such as Geography, History, Economics, Civics, and so on. The questions will cover a wide range of topics from different countries, including social responsibility, laws and rules, and a variety of other topics.

Quantitative Ability

Quantitative aptitude is a topic that is known to test numerical and mathematical calculations. It enables you to validate an individual’s performance based on their ability to solve equations logically. It typically includes topics such as Rations, Proportions, Simple and Compound Interest, Profit and Loss, and many others.

Current Affairs

A popular topic for competitive exams is current affairs. Current affairs, as the name implies, test your knowledge of current events from around the world. It includes inventions, sports, technology, awards, notable events, issues, and anything else that piques people’s interest.

What are the advantages of the IGKO?

IGKO selects questions that are directly related to the present syllabus and its implementation. It enhances pupils’ problem-solving abilities and forces them to think analytically. Prepares students for future competitive tests by measuring their aptitude as well as their knowledge of a specific subject. Students are given exposure to both national and international venues.

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