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IGKO Syllabus Class 6, If you are looking to have a thorough knowledge, then School Connect Online is the best one-stop solution where you can get it. Before starting the preparation, it is recommended to download the Updated IGKO Syllabus Class 6. The highly qualified teachers prepare the study material for students only after an in-depth analysis of the related topic of the subject. Once you download the IGKO Syllabus Class 6 PDF, you will get a good idea about the exam pattern.

IGKO Syllabus Class 6

General Awareness

Plants and Animals, India and the World, Science and Technology, the Earth and Its Environment, the Universe, Language and Literature, Entertainment, Social Studies, Sports, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning

This section of the IGKO Syllabus Class 6 will teach you about various topics such as plants and animals, India and the world, and so on. You will learn about the earth and its environment and prepare questions about it. You will learn about the universe and how it came to be. The exam pattern will include questions about language and literature, social studies awareness, entertainment, and sports, among other topics. Sample papers are required for quantitative aptitude and reasoning.

Current Affairs

It covers current events of national and international significance. If you downloaded the IGKO Class 6 the Syllabus Year 2021-22, you will notice that this section discusses current events at both the national and international levels. All you have to do is keep up with what’s going on around you. For practice, you can begin by reading newspapers and magazines, where you can learn about all of the major events taking place in various fields.

Life Skills

Personality Traits (Empathy, Effective Communication, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Coping with Stress, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Interpersonal Skills, Managing Emotions, Self-awareness). This section will teach you about life skills. Various topics in life skills require attention, such as empathy, creative thinking, and so on. When making a decision, you will learn about effective communication techniques as well as how to deal with stress and pressure. You will also learn about self-awareness. If you use appropriate study material for the exam, you will get a lot of help in answering questions about interpersonal skills and critical thinking. Experiment with increasing the number of problem-solving questions.

Our Bodies and Our Health

The syllabus’s very first topic provides the student with physiological knowledge of the human body and the health of human life. This topic includes general biology elements. This section of the syllabus covers topics related to the human body and health. You must study compatible topics related to the human body and health, which include general biology topics. The difficulty of the questions is determined by the student’s age and class.

Plants and animals

This chapter delves into the intricacies of plants and animals. Students can study in-depth information on plants and animals by referring to current biology chapters and answering questions accordingly. The difficulty of the specific topic of questions will be determined by students in Class 1 through Class 6. Students will gain a better understanding of the topic if they prepare effectively.

India and the world

This section addresses geographical issues such as India’s states and capitals, rivers and lakes, and so on, as well as those of other countries. The IGKO exam will include questions about the country and the world. The geographical questions could be about states, capitals, countries, continents, and so on. To tackle this set of questions in the IGKO examinations, students must be well prepared with world geography.

The Conservation of the Environment

Because the environment and conservation topic is one of the most recent topics in schools, School Connect Online’s IGKO Class 6 syllabus includes Environment and Conservation topics for the examination. The students must understand the preventive measures taken to protect the environment because the major questions will be based on that section. The modern world of the twenty-first century is more focused than ever on environmental research. As a result, it has also become an important subject in the school curriculum. Students will learn about our environment and how to conserve it in this section.

Literature and Language

Language and Literature are now included as mandatory subjects on the IGKO exam syllabus. To attempt the questions, you must have a basic understanding of language and literature subjects, as this is one of the easiest sections where marks can be raised. Complete the literature workbooks to improve your language and literature knowledge. Language and literature have always been important topics in general knowledge exams. Again, the International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) class 6 is no exception. The best thing about this section is that it is comparatively easier than the other sections; thus, if students pay special attention to this section, they can score high marks.

Section for Achievers

Higher Order Thinking Questions from all three sections are included in Section 4 of the paper.

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