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The IGKO test is given to students to help them with their overall academic and personal development. It enables individuals to expand their knowledge beyond the confines of textbooks and course content.

If your child is in Class 1 and you are looking for information on the IGKO Syllabus for Class 1, you have come to the right place. You can find the Syllabus PDF at the bottom and assist your child in preparing for the exams as soon as possible.

Syllabus for IGKO Class 1 2021-22

The National General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO) syllabus for Class 1 is described below. Before beginning their preparation, students should have a thorough understanding of the syllabus. As a result, downloading the IGKO Olympiad Syllabus is essential if you want to do well in the exam. Our highly qualified teachers thoroughly examined the IGKO Olympiad syllabus in accordance with the most recent International General Knowledge Olympiad exam pattern.

The National General Knowledge Olympiad exam, abbreviated as IGKO, is one of the most popular exams offered by the School Connect Online. We have ensured that the IGKO syllabus has been thoroughly reviewed and is available for all classes from 1 to 10. The syllabus is the first and most important thing one needs to refer to when preparing for any exam. Download the IGKO syllabus now and begin preparing for the Olympiads. If students wants to know the some tips of how to prepare for Olympiads then click here.

IGKO Class 1 Syllabus

Total Questions: 35

Time Duration: 60 min

My Surroundings and I

Children must first understand themselves before they can learn about anything else. They must have a fundamental understanding of themselves, their families, and their daily activities. For Class 1, the children will be asked basic questions about their surroundings, including “About Myself.”

Plants and Animals’ World

This section of the curriculum will include both plant and animal components.

India and the World( Countries/State and Capitals, Currency)

General Knowledge (GK), as we all know, is an important component of any competitive test available in the country. The majority of candidates struggle to achieve good results. Passing any competitive exam now requires a strong understanding of public understanding. To get past all of this, you must first comprehend what is going on around you. GK, on the other hand, provides all necessary in-depth information on Indian states, Central Government Programs, Radical Activities in India, Indian Legacy, Indian Culture, Nature and its diversity, Politics, and much more in an engaging manner.

Science, information technology, and technology

Technology and science are important aspects of practical test preparation. To help you prepare, we’ve provided some recent Science and Technology responses to questions, as well as summaries of New Changes that have occurred. Science advancement has a long history in India. Nuclear and space power, healthcare, viruses, e-government, biotechnology, technology, and telecommunications have all made significant scientific advances as a result.

Literature and Language

Literature is defined as publications and writing on a particular subject that have long-term value. This Olympiad provides you with a plethora of Literature Questions in which some titles of works of fiction, memoirs, and novelists will be included that may be brought into question not only in the Class 2 Olympiad but also in other examinations such as SSC, State Services, and so on, as well as continuing to increase your knowledge about that.

Information about sports

Sport is an essential component of a child’s overall development. It improves both physical and emotional fitness. Because children enjoy playing in general, they are likely to be interested in a variety of sports. All we need to do is pique their interest a little more to keep them informed.

Number Quiz

Most children despise arithmetic and find it extremely difficult. However, by solving the strangest riddles on this website, you can give your mind a good workout. One of the most effective ways to approach a subject is to challenge yourself while also having fun with Math Riddles for Children.
Using a few pleasant methods while discussing the subject may help parents and teachers pique their children’s interest. Make the time to solve those puzzles and make your day better. We attempted to present some of the best with Answers in order to assist you appropriately. Above all, if children pay close attention, use analytical thinking, and reason, they will be able to quickly solve these riddles.

Current Affairs

If you are a parent attempting to educate your children on basic knowledge and current events, the best way to master this section is to exercise and absorb as much as possible.
If your child is in second grade, please inform him or her of the upcoming topics. The questions below will not only help children improve their fundamental comprehension, but will also help them perform well in a variety of kid-level competitions.

Eligibility Criteria for the IGKO Exam

The IGKO Olympiad is a single-level exam that only assesses general knowledge. As a result, students must only meet a few basic requirements to take this exam.

The requirements for competing in the International General Knowledge Olympiad are as follows.

  • The candidate should be in grades one through ten.
  • The student’s school must be affiliated with a recognized education board in India, such as CBSE or ICSE.

Strategy for IGKO Exam Preparation

Millions of students take the School Connect Online IGKO exam on a national level each year. As a result, it is a highly competitive exam that requires students to put forth genuine and consistent effort. We’ve compiled the best exam prep strategies for you to use in order to ace the exam.

Create a Study Schedule: Create a study schedule that you can follow. Include all elements in your routine, allocating time to each based on its difficulty level. Don’t forget to study and stick to your daily schedule.

Begin with Simple Topics: Identify simple and difficult themes, and start with the simpler issues before moving on to the more complex ones.

Examine the Syllabus: The syllabus will be your final resource for preparing for the IGKO test. Remember to stick to the syllabus and avoid skipping any topics.

Understanding Concepts: Instead of memorizing answers, focus on understanding concepts and improving your problem-solving skills. Following that, you can use the IGKO’s Sample Paper for Class 1 to evaluate yourself and your preparation.

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