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The 3rd grade English Olympiad offers to assess kids’ vocabulary, reading, listening, writing, and spelling skills. The level of language a student uses is used to evaluate their performance.

A variety of online platforms that offer their pupils the best mentorships can be used to help class 3 children prepare for Olympiad. The competitive test syllabus varies because of a rise in competition. Numerous online platforms reduce the stress associated with learning about the syllabus and IEO sample papers for class 3. This Article is all about IEO Class 3 Chapter 3: Sentences.

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IEO Class 3 Chapter 3: Sentences  Detailed Notes

Your ability to effectively communicate in English depends on your ability to both write and speak whole sentences. This does not, however, imply that you should utilize similar-looking sentences throughout your speech or writing. It will become overly repetitive and boring as a result. 

Types Of Sentences

Every learner of the English language has the freedom to utilize the language to its fullest potential. Using a variety of sentence patterns will help you communicate your thoughts and ideas to your target audience in a clear and effective way while also making your speech or writing sound and appear well-structured. You’ll be able to express your feelings through this and give your readers the experience you want them to have.

English grammar has four distinct types of sentences, and they are as follows:

Assertive or Declarative Sentence

An instructive sentence that finishes with a period or a full stop is referred to as a declarative or assertive sentence.


  • I enjoy fantasy books.
  • Around the corner is a white house.

Imperative Sentence 

A sentence that expresses a request, an order, or a command is called an imperative sentence.


  • When you arrive, please pick up the notes.
  • Knock on the door.

Interrogative Sentence 

An interrogative sentence is one that asks a question and has a question mark at the conclusion.


  • What title of the movie were you watching?
  • Please let me accompany you to the book fair.

Exclamatory Sentence 

A sentence that ends with an exclamation mark is known as an exclamatory sentence and is used to express abrupt, powerful emotions. Interjections can also be used to create exclamatory sentences.


  • Wow, this is really good!
  • That contest was fantastic!

 Benefits of English Olympiad for Class 3

  • The English Olympiad fosters a passion for language among class 3 students. They can demonstrate that they are capable of reaching the top by competing under pressure.
  • The English Olympiad evaluates student achievement in relation to the overall student performance average across the nation.
  • IEO level 2 example papers for class 3 aid in boosting a student’s self-esteem and make concepts and values evident while also teaching them new abilities.
  • The student’s talents are sharpened, which also leads to better performance on school exams.

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