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Competitive exam are an integral part of students academic life. From weekly or semiweekly class tests to annual exams, everything is competitive. Competitive exams are organized for checking your progress and potential. There can be all different types of competitive exams like olympiads for all classes, scholarship tests, entrance exams like NEET, JEE

Why are these exams necessary?

Competition is necessary in academic life. Competitive exams are necessary for keeping a track of student’s progress and keeping them motivated for studying.

  1. Competitive exam help students focus on their studies
  2. Exams make students work harder and better
  3. Giving competitive exams help them understand the level of preparation they need for a subject.
  4. Competitive exam set a standard of studying. students feel the need to study only due to competitive exam
  5. They make entrances easier and hassle free. otherwise it could’ve been messy to pick students for colleges and jobs.

What are different competitive exams?

There are so many different types of competitive exam student give throughout their school life and even after it. to name a few

  • International Olympiads- International level Olympiads for math, science, Coding , artificial intelligence English, logical reasoning and spiritual intelligence. These Olympiads are held at international level to check the progress and motivate students to achieve more in there academic life. These Olympiads help students boost their school preparation and also develop their critical thinking. School Connect Online organizes Olympiad for all these subject for class 1-12 every year to help students across India and outside too. These help students and school to connect among the globe and learn and compete together.

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  1. International Artificial Intelligence (AI) Olympiad
  2. Coding Olympiad
  3. Maths Olympiad
  4. Science Olympiad
  5. International STEM Olympiad
  • Entrance Exams– Other competitive exams that are organized are NEET, JEE mains, JEE advance that are organized by government run departments for shortlisting students for admission in the most pretigious colleges of India. NEET is held annually for PCB students as an entrance exam for getting admission in govt. medical colleges of India. JEE mains, is held 4 times a year to shortlist students for engineering and architecture. JEE advance is held annually which allows students to get admission into the most prestigious colleges of engineering-IITs.
  1. NEET 2022
  2. Jee-advanced
  3. JEE-mains
  4. IIT-JEE
  • Board Exams– Board exam are really important part of school life. In 2022 the board exams are held annually for the students of class 10 and 12. They are a crucial part of academic life for studetns to decide their streams and careers.

Other National and International Level Olympiads

AI OlympiadInternational Artificial Intelligence Olympiad 2020-21
Coding OlympiadInternational Coding Olympiad 2020-21
IMOInternational Maths Olympiad 2020-21
ISOInternational Science Olympiad 2020-21
KVPYKishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana

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