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Latest examination reforms by the CBSE board exam 2022 for class 12

In accordance with the latest CBSE’s official order, CBSE board exam term one examinations are scheduled for the month of 

November-December, 2021. However, the second term exams will be commencing in March-April, 2022.

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CBSE Board Exams


  • When Term I will come to an end, the Board will organize the Term I Examination. A flexible schedule is planned. As a result, exams will be conducted between November-December of 2021 within a period of 4-8 weeks for schools situated in various parts of the country, and abroad. Dates for the examinations will be notified accordingly. 
  • The Question Paper will carry objective-type questions i.e. Multiple Choice Questions. (MCQ) including case-based and assertion-reasoning types. The duration of each exam is set for 90 minutes. Questions will be from the rationalized syllabus only of Term I i.e. approx. 50% of the whole syllabus. 
  • Question Papers will be sent by the Central Board of Education to schools in addition to the marking scheme. 
  • The exams will be conducted under the direction of the External Center Superintendents and Observers appointed by the CBSE. 
  • The response of each student will be updated on OMR sheets which, after scanning procedure might be directly uploaded at the CBSE portal or may be analyzed and marks secured will be published by the school on the same day. The final direction regarding the same will be notified to schools by the Examination Unit of the Board. 
  • Marks of the Term I Examination will pay a major contribution to the final overall marks of students.


  • Same a the procedure of term I. when Term II will come to an end, the Board will schedule Term II or the Year-end Examination based on the rationalized syllabus of Term II i.e. 50% of the whole syllabus.
  • These exams will be planned around March-April 2022 at the examination centers declared by the Board. 
  • The duration for each exam is fixed for 2 hours. Questions will be of different formats (case-based/situation-based, open-ended- short answer/ long answer type). 
  • In case the situation is not contributive for descriptive exams. As a result, a 90-minute MCQ-based exam will be planned at the end of Term II as well. 
  • Marks of the Term II Exam will play a role in the final overall score.

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