STEM Team Building Activities For Elementary Students

Students become good team members when they value working together. Engineers work in teams to develop solutions because they each bring a different set of skills and expertise to a project.STEM Team Building Activities For Elementary Students

Students also need each other’s expertise to make decisions and complete projects in the STEM lessons.

Team building STEM challenge- Developing teamwork skills is important, but most curriculums today don’t provide enough emphasis in these skills.

Helping young people develop teamwork skills requires careful planning and integration into the curriculum.

Technology has had a huge impact on today’s employment landscape. One of the key changes is the increasing necessity to be able to work as part of a team.

The complexity of today’s work, especially in STEM fields, often requires the collaboration of a large and diverse team of people—all with different specialties and talents.

Technology has made it easier and easier for teams to collaborate, even when individual team members are geographically remote.

More important, recent research has shown that the inability to work as part of a team and get along with co-workers is one of the main reasons people are fired from their jobs today.

Even before the job field, most university graduate and undergraduate courses will require some kind of teamwork from their students.

ADVANTAGES OF GROUP/TEAM WORK or STEM team building activities for elementary students

Fig – Teamwork STEM activities

When involved in well-structured team activities, young people develop and practice skills in:

– Decision making

– Problem solving

– Personal values

– Clarification

– Communication

– Collaboration

– Cooperation

– Critical thinking

– Negotiation

– Conflict resolution

– Teamwork


– Successful team activities are set up with the following criteria:

– Establish common goals and set clear criteria for success.

– Create diverse grouping where all participants have a voice.

– Determine measures for accountability.

– Give constructive feedback and actively assess the team’s progress.


– Takes responsibility for oneself.

– Compromises.

– Helps the team.

– Respects others.

– Makes and follows agreements.

– Organizes work.

– Listens to others.

– Recognizes everyone’s special talents.

– Develops ideas and creates products with involvement of all team members; tasks done separately are brought to the team for critique and revision.

– Promotes discussions by clearly expressing ideas and asking probing questions.

– Ensures everyone is heard.

–  Responds thoughtfully to new information and perspective.

– Gives useful feedback.

– Attempts to resolve issues without asking the teacher for help.

– Follows rules for discussions, decision-making and conflict resolution.

Conclusion :

STEM skills can be complex and difficult for students to learn. Rather than feeling isolated when misunderstanding material, working in a group helps promote understanding. Students work together toward a common goal and help each other learn concepts through peer-to-peer interaction. This process deepens everyone’s understanding of STEM and builds trust.

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