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So, let’s see detailed notes about science chapter 5 for class 4: Human Needs.

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Human Needs

To survive, humans require basic necessities. Air, water, food, and shelter are the four basic needs.


  • Humans require air to breathe.
  • Humans breathe in and out through their noses.
  • Humans could not breathe and would perish if there was no air.


Humans rely heavily on water. Humans require water:

  • to replenish water lost through breathing, sweating, and urination
  • to eliminate waste from the body
  • in order to digest
  • to develop and maintain health
  • to regulate body temperature
  • for bathing, cleaning, and washing
  • Our bodies are mostly made of water; water accounts for more than half of our weight.
  • Our bodies lose water when we breathe, sweat, and urinate.
  • Every day, we need to drink seven glasses of water to keep our bodies healthy.
  • We also get water from the food we eat. Water is abundant in foods such as vegetables and fruits.


  • Humans require food to survive.
  • Food allows us to grow, gain energy, and repair and replace damaged cells and tissues.
  • A well-balanced diet keeps us healthy. It contains all food classes in the appropriate amounts.
  • Humans require food and water to grow and stay healthy.


  • Humans require shelter to protect themselves from danger and inclement weather such as heat, cold, rain, and storms.
  • Human shelters are classified into two types: double-story houses, long houses, apartments, single-story houses, huts, and flats.

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