NTSE Exam for Class 10

National Talent Search Examination includes sections from numerous subjects of 10th class and some basics of 9th standard consist of mathematics, social science, science, reasoning, English language, general knowledge, etc.

NTSE Class 10th exam papers guide students to get a clear idea of the question asked in the exam, and how to answer them accurately. Moreover, NTSE class 10 exam papers also give a sneak peek of how to fuel your exam preps.

 NTSE Sample Papers for Class 10

Furthermore, solving and practicing question original NTSE class 10 exam papers will be a great help for the aspiring students to boost confidence, improvise time management, and get to know about the areas which require more of their attention. 

NTSE Exam information

List of Subjects Covered in NTSE

NCERT books cover the integral sections of the NTSE syllabus. The applicants have to refer to the other books for the rest of the syllabus. Below mentioned are the topics covered in the stage 1 paper of the NTSE exam. 

NTSE Sample Papers for Class 10

  Mathematics Exponent, Linear Equation, Mensuration, Number System, Percentage & its Application, Trigonometry, Square Root & Cube Root, Statistics, Surface Areas and Volumes, Triangles, Simple interest & Compound interest, Rational Numbers, Quadratic Equations, Probability, Playing with Numbers, Arithmetic Progressions, Basic Geometry, Circles, Coordinate Geometry, Direct & inverse variation, Arithmetic, Algebraic Expressions.  
  Social Science Solar System, Resources and Development, Population, Atmosphere, Biosphere, Indian Freedom Struggle, Indian Economics, Democracy and Elections, Culture, Science,  World History, Water Resources, Vedic Period, Union Government, UN and International Agencies, The Mughal Empire, Agriculture, French Revolution, Early Medieval Period, Diversity and Livelihood,  and Literature, British Raj, Indian Constitution, Early States, Industries, Industrial Revolution, Indus Valley Civilization, India and its Neighbors, Internal Structure of the Earth and Rocks, Introduction and Sources of Ancient Indian History
 ScienceAcid Bases and Salt, Magnetism & Electricity at Work, Heredity and Evolution, Food Production & Management, Fibers and Plastics, Diversity in Living Organisms, Cellular Level of Organization, Measurement, Metals & Non-Metals, Micro-organisms, Motion and Force, Our Environment, Periodic Classification of Elements, Water, The Universe, Structure of Atom, Source of Energy, Sound, Some Common Diseases, Soil, Reproduction, Plant and Animal Nutrition, Physical and Chemical Changes, Work and energy Carbon and its Compounds, Life Processes, Human Body,.


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