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The National Council of Educational Research and Training that is. (NCERT). It holds the publishing authority of  NCERT Maths Class 3 textbooks. The NCERT Class 3 Maths books are renowned for it’s updated and thoroughly revised syllabus. The NCERT Maths  Books are based on the latest exam pattern imposed by the CBSE board.



Olympiad Exam for class 3 Class 3 English

However, NCERT frequently updates the Maths books with the help of the latest question papers every year. The Class 3 NCERT Maths books are very also known for their peculiar presentation. The use of Class 3 Maths books is not only slated for studying the regular syllabus of numerous boards but it is also useful for your child appearing for numerous exams like Engineering Entrance Exams, and Olympiads.

NCERT Maths Class 3 syllabus in English Medium

BOOK Name: Maths Magic

 Chapter Number  Chapter Name
 1st Chapter Where to Look From?
 2nd Chapter Fun with Numbers
 3rd Chapter Give and Take
 4th Chapter Long and Short 
 5th Chapter Shapes and Designs
 6th Chapter Fun with Give and take 
 7th Chapter Time goes on
 8th Chapter Who is Heavier?
 9th Chapter How many times?
 10th Chapter Play with Patterns?
 11th Chapter Jugs and Mugs
 12th Chapter Can We Share?
 13th Chapter Smart Charts
 14th Chapter Rupees and Paise

NCERT Maths Class 3 syllabus in Hindi Medium

Book Name: गणित का जादू

 Chapter Number  Chapter Name
 1 अध्याय देखें किधर से
 2 अध्याय संख्याओं की उछल कूद
 3 अध्याय कुछ लेना कुछ देना
 4 अध्याय क्या लंबा क्या छोटा
 5 अध्याय आकृतिओं का कमाल
 6 अध्याय लेन देन का खेल
 7 अध्याय समय समय की बात
 8 अध्याय कौन किससे भारी?
 9 अध्याय बोलो भाई कितने गुना?
 10 अध्याय पैटर्न की पहचान
 11 अध्याय जग मग, जग मग
 12 अध्याय कैसे-कैसे बाँटे?
 13 अध्याय स्मार्ट चार्ट!
 14 अध्याय रुपए और पैसे

Why prefer NCERT?

  1. The NCERT syllabus usually focuses on making this book student-friendly for your child.
  2.  NCERT makes it useful for both the students and for the aspirants of competitive exams.
  3. The book covers precise Maths based on the syllabuses of different boards.
  4. The NCERT Maths Books Class 3 is precisely compatible with almost all the Indian education state and central boards.
  5. NCERT updates its  Maths books at some interval of time with the help of the latest question papers of every year. 

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