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The purpose of the Class 1 Math Olympiad Questions is to help the students understand each area of mathematics. These Olympiads assist students in discovering their learning potential and in improving their education. This article contains detailed notes about IMO Class 1 Chapter 3: Subtraction – (two digits). 

Students in Class 1 typically have just begun to adjust to this new school environment. Worksheets for the first-grade international  Math Olympics will be a great way to address their areas of weakness and improve their computation skills.

It takes a lot of practice to be good at math. The best way to boost their self-assurance when tackling challenging mathematical problems is to use Class 1 Math Olympiad’s previous year’s question papers. increasing their knowledge and abilities as a result.

Let’s see detailed notes about IMO Class 1 Chapter 3: Subtraction – (two digits). 

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IMO Class 1 Chapter 3: Subtraction – (two digits) detailed notes

Primary Subtraction

Subtraction or deduction is the process of taking something out of a group of things. When subtracting, we use the minus (-) sign.

Example 1: If we take away two stars from the group of five stars, we will still have three stars.

Example 2: Subtract 3 from 7

7 – 3 = 4

Example 3: Subtract 4 from 9

9 – 4 = 5

Subtracting Zero

Any number would have the same answer if you subtracted 0 from it.

Example:7 – 0 = 7

Subtracting a Number from Itself

The result of subtracting a number from itself is always zero.

Example:8 – 8 = 0

Descriptive subtraction

Example 1: Nine birds are perched on a tree. How many birds are still on the tree if five fly off?

Number of birds on a tree = 9

Number of birds fly away = 5

So, the number of birds left on the tree is 9 – 5 = 4

Example 2: A van is carrying twelve people. How many people are still in the van if two people got out?

Number of people on a van = 12

Number of people get down = 2

So, the number of people remaining on the van 12 – 2 = 10

Benefits of Math Olympiad 

  • The student will be able to improve and clarify their fundamental concepts by attempting the Math Olympiad for Class 1 Question Paper.
  • a significant aid in test preparation for school.
  • A student can recognize their potential and subsequently develop from that point forward.

It is possible to access the Maths Olympiad for Class 1 previous year test questions to evaluate the aptitude of different students. As a result, they can increase their level of confidence and develop the ability to solve any problem with ease.

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