Experiencing Difficulties When Teaching Online

Switching to teaching in the virtual classroom is a process that may pose some difficulties to educators and Problems Faced By Teachers In Online Teaching. The process of transitioning from teaching in the traditional classroom to a virtual one involves a number of common frustrations that can be overcome in some simple, yet effective ways.Problems Faced By Teachers In Online Teaching – School Connect Online

Problems Faced By Teachers In Online Teaching – School Connect Online

Many teachers report facing a number of problems when transitioning and adapting their practice to the virtual classroom. Solutions are available, but first let’s take a look at the psychology behind this phenomenon.

Changing one’s common routine, no matter what kind, is a difficult process. Any type of change to any kind of habit forces a person to leave their comfort zone.

Overcoming  Common Obstacles of Teaching Online

In the beginning, any new experience generates a certain amount of stress. Whether you are transforming just a part of or your entire practice, you need to keep an open mind.

How to Overcome the Common Difficulties When Teaching Online

Teachers find some situations in the virtual classroom stressful, which could cause them to stop using it altogether. On the other hand, more and more educators have reported that after overcoming the initial difficulties, they now prefer teaching in a virtual classroom due to the wide range of features available.


Before even beginning to work online, the teacher needs to create a setup that will become their environment for their lessons. Standing in front of a camera is sometimes challenging to some teachers for various reasons.

We live in an age where video is quickly becoming the most influential means of expressing oneself. If you experience difficulties standing in front of a camera, you should do it more often.

You can start by opening a blank virtual classroom session and looking at yourself for a while. Some other tricks you can try are:

– Become a star by imagining yourself being filmed all the time.

– Picture yourself performing your everyday tasks as seen from someone else.

– Make some short videos with your smartphone so you can see and hear yourself on a recording.

The virtual classroom gives you the opportunity to teach from various locations and also to be as comfortable as possible.


Problems Faced By Teachers In Online Teaching – School Connect Online

Many teachers seem to struggle with the thought that technical issues are sometimes unavoidable and stress out about possible interruption during their sessions. Truth be told, this is entirely possible as there are many factors involved in an online session.


This is one topic that we hear about quite often. Most teachers have a portfolio of their favorite and effective materials and activities that give a lesson their “signature touch.”

If possible, they would like to use these same ideas and methods in the virtual classroom. However, inside the virtual classroom one cannot simply hand over pieces of paper or draw as well as what they are used to on the whiteboard.

Conclusion :

Digital Education Is The Need Of The Hour

The expansion of the internet and accessibility has led to an increase in the demand for online learning across the world. We all know that online learning is attracting more and more students for better learning experiences. But many of them encounter challenges that can cause hindrance in their learning. The benefits are getting suppressed by the challenges during their learning process.

The shift to online learning can be difficult. It can require restructuring course components using new pedagogical approaches, learning activities and tech tools that may be new to you and your students. The pandemic has surely caused a change in the usual changing and learning practices.

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