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Broadly class 10 science is partitioned into four topics, titles: Materials, The World of Living, Natural Resources, Natural Phenomenon, and How things Work. Or in a way of their discipline we have stated them in accordance with the respective subjects lie Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Environmental Science.

CBSE Class 10 Revised Syllabus for 2020-2021

However, the Environment Science part of the syllabus is covered under the Biology section. As a result, you have three subjects in Class 10 science in total namely, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

10th Exam date 2022


Sneak peek of Units in Class 10 science


The first unit consists of five chapters in total.

  1. The first chapter will enlighten you about Chemical Reactions and Equations the correct way of forming and balancing the equations. Moreover, you will all get to know about the various chemical reactions.
  2. Furthermore, in the second chapter, you will get familiar with numerous types of acids, bases, and salts. And their reactions with various types of metals and non-metals.
  3. In the third chapter, you will explore the world of non-metals and metals. The chapter will educate you about their properties and their reactions to them.
  4. The fourth chapter moves around carbon and its compounds. In this, you will get to know detailed information about the properties of carbon and its carbon-containing chemical substances.
  5. However, the fifth chapter will make you learn about the classifications of elements and their evolution.

Unit II

The second of class 10 science encompasses four chapters which start from Chapter 6 and end on Chapter 9.

  1. The Sixth chapter will take you on an adventure of numerous life processes which humans require for their survival.
  2. In the seventh chapter, you will study the human body parts which are employed for controlling and coordinating activities.
  3. Moreover, the Eighth chapter will clear your concepts regarding reproduction activities in unicellular and multicellular organisms.
  4. The ninth chapter will give you knowledge about how the offsprings look alike.

Unit III

This unit of class 10 science has four chapters that deal with How Things Works.

  1. The tenth chapter will introduce you to light and its phenomenon of reflection and refraction.
  2. The eleventh chapter is about the human eye and some optical phenomenon in nature.
  3. The twelfth chapter is Electricity which will notify you about electric circuits and resistance.
  4. the thirteenth chapter will enlighten you about the magnetic effects of electric current and its applications.

Unit IV

However, this unit contains three chapters.

  1. The fourteenth chapter deals with numerous sources of energy such as conventional and non-conventional.
  2. The fifteenth chapter is related to the environment including the food chain, eco-system, and how human activities play a major role in degrading its quality.
  3. The last and the sixteenth chapter is regarding the conversation of natural resources.

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