CBSE class 10

CBSE class 10 syllabus is as follows:



CBSE board exam class 10 10th Exam date 2022

CBSE Class 10 Revised Syllabus for 2020-2021

Class 10 Maths

S No. Units
1Unit 1: Number Systems
2Unit 2: Algebra
3Unit 3: Trigonometry
4Unit 4: Coordinate Geometry
5Unit 5: Geometry
6Unit 6: Mensuration
7Unit 7: Statistics and Probability

Class 10 Science

S No. Units
1Unit 1: Food
2Unit 2: Materials
3Unit 3: The World of the Living
4Unit 4: Moving Things, People, and Ideas
5Unit 5: How things work
6Unit 6: Natural Phenomena
7Unit 7: Natural Resources

Class 10 Social Science

NCERT Syllabus for Social Science

History Syllabus

History: India and the Contemporary World – II
Unit I: Events and Processes
1: Nationalism in Europe
2: Nationalist Movement in Indo-China
3: Nationalism in India: Civil Disobedience Movement
Unit II: Economics and Livelihoods
4: Industrialisation the 1850s–1950s
5: Urbanisation and Urban Lives
6: Trade and Globalization
Unit III: Culture, Identity, and Society
7: Print Culture and Nationalism
8: History of the Novel

Political Science Syllabus

Political Science: Democratic Politics II
1. Working of democracy
2. Power sharing mechanisms in democracy
3. Competition and contestations in democracy
4. Outcomes of democracy
5. Challenges to democracy

Geography Syllabus

Geography: Contemporary India – II
1: Resources and Development
2: Forest and Wildlife Resources
3: Water Resources
4: Agriculture
5: Minerals and Energy Resources
6: Manufacturing Industries
7: Lifelines of National Economy

Economics Syllabus

Economics: Understanding Economic Development
1: Development
2: Sectors of the Indian Economy
3: Money and Credit
4: Globalisation and the Indian Economy
5: Consumer Rights

Class 10 Information Technology

PART A: Employability Skills

CBSE Class 10 IT syllabus for Term 1 

1 Unit – Communication Skills-II

2 Unit Self-Management Skills-II

3 Unit – Information and Communication Technology Skills-II

CBSE Class 10 IT Syllabus for II Term

4 Unit Entrepreneurial Skills-II

5 Unit Green Skills-II

PART B: Subject Specific Skills

CBSE Class 10 IT Syllabus for Term 1 

1 Unit – Digital Documentation (Advanced)

2 Unit Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)

3 Unit Database Management System

Class 10 IT Syllabus for Term 2

3 Unit Database Management System

4 Unit Web Applications and Security

PART C: Practical Work

  • Advanced Documentation: 5 Marks
  • Advanced Spreadsheets: 5 Marks
  • Databases : 10 Mark
  • Viva Voce: 10 Marks

 PART D: Project Work

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