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Currently School Connect Online is helping students in India and Abroad with their learning for Artificial Intelligence at school level. It is available for students of classes between 6th to 11th Standard.

School Connect Online registering schools and students to promote Artificial Intelligence Program.

And helping students with Online course completion with learning materials, linked free videos and practice question.

The Participating students will get course completion certificates and merit students rewarded with certificate of merit and medals.

Around 2000 students participated in the year of 2019-20,with 75 schools India and Abroad

Students from Participating schools get participation certificate, merit certificate and medals.

CBSE Artificial Intelligence syllabus for Class 8
CBSE Artificial Intelligence syllabus for Class 8

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Olympiad 2020-21

School Connect Online manages “Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Olympiad” for children of class 6th to 11th,with the help of CBSE syllabus of Artificial Intelligence.

For Syllabus of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Olympiad Click here

Its India’s first Olympiad Exam which helps students to learn through STEM Education and Experiential Learning, which is an integral part of School Connect Online learning program.

The registered students of Olympiad get free access to learning materials online.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Syllabus for Class 8 for Olympiad by School Connect Online


1EXCITE02 Hours 40 Mins.4 Periods
2RELATE02 Hours3 Periods
3PURPOSE02 Hours3 Periods
4POSSIBILITIES02 Hours3 Periods
5AI ETHICS03 Hours 20 Mins.5 Periods
TOTAL12 Hours18 Periods

Artificial Intelligence Olympiad Syllabus for Class 8:

1. Excite

Session : Introduction to AI and setting up the context of the curriculum.

Ice Breaker Activity: Dream Smart Home idea.

  • Learners to design a rough layout of floor plan of their dream smart home.

Recommended Activity: The AI Game Learners to participate in three games based on different AI domains.

  • Game 1: Rock, Paper and Scissors (based on data)
  • Game 2: Mystery Animal (based on Natural Language Processing – NLP)
  • Game 3: Emoji Scavenger Hunt (based on Computer Vision – CV)

Recommended Activity: AI Quiz (Paper Pen/Online Quiz) 

Recommended Activity: To write a letter Writing a Letter to one’s future self.

  • Learners to write a letter to self-keeping the future in context. They will describe what they have learnt so far or what they would like to learn someday.

2. Relate

Video Session: To watch a video 

  • Introducing the concept of Smart Cities, Smart Schools and Smart Homes.

Recommended Activity: To write an Interactive Story 

  • Learners to draw a floor plan of a Home/School/City and write an interactive story around it using Story Speaker extension in Google docs.

3. Purpose

Session: Introduction to sustainable development goals 

Recommended Activity: Go Goals Board Game  Learners to answer questions on Sustainable Development Goals.

4. Possibilities

Session: Theme-based research and Case Studies.

  • Learners will listen to various case studies of inspiring start-ups, companies or communities where AI has been involved in real-life. 
  • Learners will be allotted a theme around which they need to search for present AI trends and have to visualise the future of AI in and around their respective theme.

Recommended Activity: Job Ad Creating activity

  • Learners to create a job advertisement for a firm describing the nature of job available and the skill-set required for it 10 years down the line. They need to figure out how AI is going to transform the nature of jobs and create the Ad accordingly

5. Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Video Session: Discussing about AI Ethics

Recommended Activity: Ethics Awareness

  • Students play the role of major stakeholders and they have to decide what is ethical and what is not for a given scenario. 

Session: AI Bias and AI Access 

  • Discussing about the possible bias in data collection  
  • Discussing about the implications of AI technology

Recommended Activity: Balloon Debate

  • Students divided into teams of 3 and 2 teams are given the same theme. One team goes in affirmation to AI for their section while the other one goes against it.
  • They have to come up with their points as to why AI is beneficial/harmful for society. 

Artificial Intelligence in a Nutshell –

Another word for Artificial Intelligence is Machine Intelligence. The basic definition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is when machines or computers perform Cognitive Functions that are basically associated with the human brain, for example, thinking, solving problems or learning.

Artificial Intelligence Jobs In India

India isn’t exactly a hub for cutting-edge research in Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are still misconceptions about the fact that Machine Learning, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence spell the loss of human jobs, hence the hesitation.

That is probably the reason, India hasn’t spelled out its long-term vision regarding the implementation of Artificial Intelligence.Hence the Job opportunity is immense in AI with new dimensions of career.

Future Of Artificial Intelligence In India

As the idea of Artificial Intelligence is getting more and more support, people are seeking to build a career in this field. There is a great scope of AI in India because the aim is to develop a technology-oriented work environment, for efficiency and perfect solutions to different problems. And sooner or later AI is slated to become the part of  our daily life as it has already started.

Introduction School Connect Online

School connect is an online learning platform, the platform of education which is coming forth every single day to connect students with advanced learning at a low cost.

AI makes it a lot easier for teachers and school management to keep track of how well or poorly the students are performing. Such a system can be used to deal effectively with the vast volume of data and statistics that these schools and colleges normally have. They can use these to create definite reports that help them understand the progress being made by various students. The best part of all this is that such reports can be created as many times as needed. The quality of data can be enhanced well.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Syllabus

Class 5CBSE Artificial Intelligence (AI) Syllabus Class 5Class 9CBSE Artificial Intelligence (AI) Syllabus Class 9
Class 6CBSE Artificial Intelligence (AI) Syllabus Class 6Class 10CBSE Artificial Intelligence (AI) Syllabus Class 10
Class 7CBSE Artificial Intelligence (AI) Syllabus Class 7Class 11CBSE Artificial Intelligence (AI) Syllabus Class 11
Class 8CBSE Artificial Intelligence (AI) Syllabus Class 8Class 12CBSE Artificial Intelligence (AI) Syllabus Class 12
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