(Reduced 30%) CBSE Class 11 Physics Syllabus 2020-21 

The new CBSE Curriculum 2020-21 for Class 11 gives a complete idea about course Structure, unit-wise weightage, prescribed textbook, question paper design & other important details for the preparation of CBSE Class 11 Exams 2020-21.CBSE Class 11 Physics Deleted Syllabus Portion for 2020-21

CBSE Class 11 Physics Deleted Syllabus Portion for 2020-21

CBSE Physics Class 11 Syllabus 2020-21, Chapter, Topics has been revealed. Class 11 students of 2020-21, who are looking for the Information of CBSE Physics Class 11 Syllabus 2020 may not have to worry about it. As we have provided the Information for Physics Syllabus of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for Class 11 of 2020-21 in this article. 

Deleted Portion Physics Class 11 Physics Syllabus 2020-21 

CBSE Class 11 Physics Deleted Syllabus Portion for 2020-21

Chapter–1: Physical World

Deleted Portion – Physics-scope and excitement; nature of physical laws; Physics, technology and society (To be discussed as a part of Introduction and integrated with other topics)

Chapter-3 : Motion in a straight line

Deleted Portion – Frame of reference, Motion in a straight line: Position-time graph, speed and velocity

Chapter-5 Laws of Motion

Deleted Portion – Intuitive concept of force, Inertia, Newton’s first law of motion; momentum and Newton’s second law of motion; impulse; Newton’s third law of motion Frame of reference, Motion in a straight line: Position-time graph, speed and velocity

Chapter-7 System of Particles and Rotational Motion

Deleted Portion – Statement of parallel and perpendicular axes theorems and their applications.

Chapter-8 Gravitation

Deleted Portion – Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, Acceleration due to gravity

Chapter-9 Mechanical Properties of Solids

Deleted Portion – Elastic behaviour, shear modulus of rigidity, Poisson’s ratio; elastic energy.

Chapter-11 Thermal properties matter

Deleted Portion – Heat, temperature, Heat transfer-conduction, convection and radiation

Chapter-12 Thermodynamics

Deleted Portion – Heat engine and refrigerator.

Chapter-15 Waves

Practicals: No investigatory project and Activity to be demonstrated 8 experiments ( clubbed based on skills ) in place of 12 fundamental mode and harmonics, Doppler effect.

Some important discussion among the teacher fraternity –

Science syllabus revisions will hurt CBSE students’ chances in JEE & NEET, teachers say Topics such as Doppler’s effect, electric currents and basic metallurgical processes have been omitted, which educators say are common topics to be tested on and have practical use.

The revised Physics syllabus for Class 11 omitted portions from Newton’s Laws of Motion, Kepler’s law of planetary motion and the Doppler effect in waves, while chapters on anatomy and morphology of flowering plants were dropped from the Biology syllabus..

“Some of the topics that CBSE has deleted are very crucial, like anatomy and morphology of flowering plants from Class 11 Biology books.

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