NCERT Maths Class 5th Chapter 4- Parts and Wholes

NCERT Maths Class 5th Chapter 4- Parts and Wholes

NCERT Maths Class 5th Chapter 4- Parts and Wholes revolves around the concept of wholes and fractions. It majorly deals with proper;y representing and discovering fractions and their relationships as a whole. Several models are used for you to make you clear regarding how to divide a whole into equal parts and note the fractions […]

5th Class all subjects

5th Class All Subjects

5th Class is a stage where your child goes through a lot of changes not just physically but academically as well. And a prominent bowl full of knowledge is important for your child to consume. Before diving into details of 5th Class all subjects, it is imperative for you to have an overview of 5th […]

NCERT Class 5 Science

NCERT Class 5 Science

The NCERT Class 5 Science book is one of the most recommended textbooks that have a great amount of fondness among both the students and teachers. Class 5 is the stage in your child’s life where he or she experiences the transformation from an innocent child to the phase called adolescence. It is essential to […]

CBSE Class5 Maths Chapter1

CBSE Class5 Maths Chapter1: The Fish Tale

After solving CBSE Class5 Maths Chapter1, You will be polished to draw fish with the help of triangles and squares. Furthermore, you will study to calculate distances covered in a particular mentioned time. CBSE Class 5 Maths Study Material: Syllabus, Books, Marking Scheme CBSE Class5 Maths Chapter1 encompasses a total of 28 questions, From them, […]

NCERT 5h Class

NCERT 5th Class

Education plays a vital role in long in and it prepares you for your future endeavors. So it should not be summed up as just about securing good grades. However, 5th Class is an essential time period for you to strengthen the skills you have learned in the primary sections even further in preparation for […]

CBSE Class 5 English

Class 5 English Syllabus and Marking Scheme CBSE

The Class 5 English syllabus is bisected into 2 portions. Titles as Language and Literature. CBSE Science Class 5 NCERT IEO International English olympiad English Syllabus for Grammar Chapter Name 1.   Chapter Word Formation 2.   Chapter Antonyms 3.   Chapter Synonyms  4.   Chapter Rhyming Words  5.   Chapter Suffix and Prefix  […]

CBSE Class 5 Maths Worksheet

Class 5 Maths Worksheet

Class 5 Maths Worksheet contain the problems and questions to help you in greasing your calculation skills and tackling technicalities of 5th standard mathematics. CBSE IMO Class 5 Class 5 Class 5 Maths Worksheet 1st Question: A large box consists of 18 small boxes and every small box consists of 25 chocolate bars. How many […]

CBSE Class 5 Maths

CBSE Class 5 Maths

CBSE class 5 maths chapters will provide you knowledge regarding the following chapters. Mentioned below are the Class 5 Maths chapters along with the related concepts. CBSE Class 5 Worksheet Maths IMO Class 5 CBSE Class 5 Maths Syllabus 1st Chapter: The Fish Tale You will get to know the rule of multiplication to calculate […]

NCERT Class 5th

NCERT Class 5th 

NCERT Class 5th consists of the following major subjects: NCERT Science Class 5 NCERT NCERT Class 5th Syllabus for English Medium English Syllabus Chapter Number Chapter Name 1 Unit Wonderful Waste! Ice-Cream Man 2 Unit Flying Together Teamwork 3 Unit Robinson Crusoe:  Discovers a footprint My Shadow 4 Unit My Elder Brother Crying 5 Unit Rip […]

Class 5 Science

Class 5 Science

Class 5 Science consists of 22 Chapters in the next book recommended by the board i.e. “Looking Around”. CBSE Olympiad Exam for class 5 Science Syllabus English Medium Chapter No Chapter Name 1. Chapter Super senses  2. Chapter A Snake Charmer’s story  3. Chapter From tasting to digesting 4. Chapter Mangoes around the year  5. […]


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